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Last Thursday we held a meetup! Invitations went out to all Creaters and we were so pleased to meet those who attended. Holding events and hearing from like minded and inspirational people is a great way to share knowledge, experience and learn from speakers - we certainly did! If you couldn’t make it this time, we have a run down of how the evening went below and the opportunity to sign up and come along to our next one!

In the run up to the event, we were really busy in the office. Tara and I prepared our talk, while our designer Andy and Customer Account Manager Sophie screen printed the t-shirts for us to wear on the night.

The evening consisted of three different presentations.

Karli from DesignosaurYEAH, a jewellery store making dinosaur inspired pieces, spoke to the group about the importance of being on social media and making sure your product images are as high quality as they can be. DesignosaurYEAH are a fantastic example of how your initial idea and hobby can very quickly, and with the right tools, grow to be your full time job. It was great to hear Karli’s tips and thoughts on how to get yourself to where you want to be with your business.

Karli talked about how she had skill-swapped to get things like her first product photos taken by a professional photographer and how important really quality images were. One great tip was when she described always including a product image where she was holding the jewellery in her hands - this gave the buyer an idea of how big the product was going to be if they purchased it as it’s not always the case that buyers will take the time to fully read the dimensions.

She also discussed how she had tried out different social platforms and determined that her buyers were very active and engaged on Instagram (check out their awesome Instagram!). She used this information to produce relevant content for this platform that worked really well to promote her products. She also talked about how she had learnt that the secret to Pinterest for any business was to get Pinterest users to pin your content A LOT - so making it as easy as possible for them to do this will help to have success there.

This led on nicely to myself and Tara talking about Create's Pagebuilder feature. We wanted to show our customers just how simple this feature is to use, and how effective and easy it is to set yourself up with a totally responsive page. 

We ran through how to build an effective About Us page, explaining what content we were adding on the page and how easy it was to do this in a few steps with drag and drop Pagebuilder tool. 

In ten minutes the page was built and ready to go live on our site - check out the page we built at createdemo.


Next up we heard from Carlos Saba of The Happy Startup School. He talked about working jobs he hated which lead to The Happy Startup School being born. Happiness is at the heart of their business and his inspirational talk went into their four P’s, Passion, Purpose, People and Profit.

They have set out to help entrepreneurs start their businesses the right way and run workshops, offer online courses, have an e-book and summer camps to guide Startups in the right direction for a successful and happy business. It was inspiring to hear about their ethos and passion, we also hosted the event in their HQ so it was really great to meet and chat to their team too. 

During the talk Carlos shared the Happy Startup Canvas which is a tool they created to help you define your business purpose and vision - read this blog post to find out more and download your copy.

He also recommended some great books, Start With Why by Simon Sinek, Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh and The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. All of which deliver the same positive message, keep happiness at the core and understand what success for you might look like - it might be a multi-million pound business, but it could also be having bathtime with your kids. The essense of their ethos is that how having a vision for your purpose can give you focus to achieve, life is too short for doing something you don’t care about so make it count!


It really was a great evening and so fantastic to meet and put a face to the customers we talk to over email. Thank you to all that attended, we hope you had fun too!

When is the next one? Well, we will be hosting another event early next year, on Thursday 21st January 2016. If you would like to come along grab your Earlybird tickets here.

Look forward to seeing you there! :-)


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