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NEW: Web Designer's Kit Online EditorWe've always wanted to give you (or your web designer) the freedom to design your own templates for Create sites, and now, with the Web Designer's Kit Editor, it's even easier!

This new Editor makes it easy for you to create and edit the HTML markup and styling of your website's template from directly within the Design Screen on the Create application.

Lots of Create users have already made their own bespoke website templates with the powerful Web Designer's Kit and this update makes it a more seamless process, so why not join them?

Web Designer's Kit Editor

Web Designer's Kit Editor Screenshot
The Web Designer's Kit Editor is now accessible direct from within the Design Screen.

So What Is It?

The Web Designer's Kit Editor is a code editor for web designers and developers using the Create system. It allows you to create a fully customised template for your Create website using HTML, CSS and our special, time-saving 'WDK tags'.

If you know your HTML and CSS, you should be able to comfortably create completely unique templates and allow your website to stand even further out from the crowd.

What Can It Do For Me?

Using the Web Designer's Kit, now easily accessible from the Create Design Screen, to build your own website template can:

  • Help you customise your website template to suit your design requirements.
  • Improve your brand recognition with a completely unique template.
  • Enable you to appeal to your core audience in new and exciting ways.

Where Can I Find Out More?

Take a look at the full documentation for the Web Designer's Kit, which aims to help you through the coding process.

You can also see great examples of live websites already built with this tool on our Web Designer's Kit Examples page.

If you'd like a web designer to create a bespoke template for you using the Web Designer's Kit, get in touch! We might be able to help you.


At the time of writing, this feature was available on all Create accounts. Please consult the Create HelpCentre or your Account Manager for more information.

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