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Learning where to start with Social Media, PR and general Marketing can be time-consuming and potentially a drain on resources. If, like many, you’re not sure how best to spend your time, take a moment to watch the talks from our recent meetup where experts offer their tips for success.

Social Media

Lindsey Pickles, digital marketing consultant from Bright Dials, explains how to manage your time and focus with social media tools, and tips for using insights to their full potential. She identifies how best to use the information you have to maximise the success of your social media profiles.

PR And Marketing

PR expert Jill Woolf, from Chimera Communications, gives her top advice and reminds us that website content should be created for the customer. She highlights the importance of establishing valuable relationships - helping your business to be promoted through recommendations and word of mouth.

New Features For Your Website

A quick a round-up of a few recent developments at Create – this brief talk introduces the Create API, full SSL encryption and the new Abandoned Basket tool. Each new feature available is designed for you, the user. The intention is to save you and your business time and money, as well as helping you thrive by offering increased security and advanced insights into shopper behaviour.

Tell Me More

Read all about this event in our blog “Create Meetup: PR And Social Media For Your Business”. Don’t miss out on the next session, come along on April 21st 2016 – get your ticket now.

If you have any questions about the topics discussed, or would like to know more about any of the features do please get in touch at any time.

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