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Last night marked the penultimate episode of this year’s Great British Bake Off - and we’ve been hooked! There’s even baking fever in the office, and we’ve gone from the most delicious, gooey, chocolate-filled Guinness cake to another slightly boozy Gin and Tonic cake (recipes lie with your Account Manager).

So, if you’re a keen baker and have been inspired to turn your love of cake into a business, we got in touch with local Brighton baker "Buddy's Home Bakery" to find out how they did just that! Read on for their top tips on getting started in the baking industry.


Aside from the 12 million of us watching one of the nation’s most popular shows, behind the cameras the baking industry is booming with a 51% rise in new baking businesses, according to a study by the 02. And there are plenty who want a slice of the action! 

We spoke with Chris Budd from Buddy's Home Bakery in our Brighton hometown, who kindly offered his advice to help you rising bakers get started and what it takes to transform your passion into a success.


Hi Chris - How did you get into the baking business and why?

I got into baking when I left school and started working for Forfars baking bread, rolls, buns etc. There were lots of very early mornings! Baking was always something I enjoyed so it was good to have a job doing this -  it's so important to enjoy what you do in your day to day job.

Before we started Buddy's Home Bakery I was working for Forfars and had been doing so for 30 years. I made bread and cakes for family and friends in my spare time, but due to Forfars re-locating it wasn't viable for me to travel to where they were moving to. As we were developing a good customer base we decided to take the plunge and I left Forfars and Buddy's Home Bakery was born.

Buddy's Home Bakery cakes, three amazing cakes that include Frozen, a church and a rocking horse


What's the greatest piece of advice you have received for getting started? 

I think the greatest piece of advice I've received is to try and remain positive. Sometimes this can be very hard as there may be obstacles put in your way and time constraints with this type of business. It only takes a piece of machinery to break down to create mayhem in the kitchen. I try to keep calm!

Having 4 children as well as running the business from our home can sometimes be very demanding, but luckily Emma and I have a great relationship, I do the baking and Emma deals with the bookings and admin, as well as helping out in the kitchen. We also have a family member who assists with our Facebook page and Twitter account as social media is so important these days.

What are your 3 top tips for success in the industry?

  1. Have determination to succeed
  2. Don't be afraid of hard work
  3. Have a good support system

I think the last one could be the most important tip as you need a very supportive and balanced family around you as the time spent in the kitchen can be relentless. We had a well earned holiday this year to remove ourselves from the workplace and to relax with the children and it was very welcome.


How has your Create website helped your business?

Our Create site has proved invaluable. It works alongside our very active Facebook page and is an extension of the showcase of cakes. The website is informative and people have been able to find us easily by searching on Google. Any issues are resolved very quickly by our Account Manager and the support is very good. We received a compliment recently as a customer said that they had searched for cake makers in our area and said that our website was the best one!

Buddy's Home Bakery


Any final advice for a successful baking business?

I'm a perfectionist so I have always given 100% from the first cake I ever baked to the last. A lot of hours go into making some of the cakes and an awful lot of concentration as dimensions have to be accurate and some of the modelling is very intricate.

As well as looking great, a cake has to taste just right too and one without the other is not acceptable. I think everyone knows when to leave me alone to perfect my creations!! It's important to love what you do and luckily I do. I've always enjoyed drawing so can also draw or paint images onto cakes to make them really unique. I've also made quite a few corporate cakes with business logos on the top and made a rather large cake for a conference at the Brighton Centre.


Thanks so much for chatting with us Chris, it's great to hear what goes on in a professional kitchen and we hope that anyone wanting to follow their baking dream will go away inspired (or has at least run away hungry for some cake!).

If any of you motivated foodies would like to take your skills to the next level, a website is a great place to start and show off what you have to offer. You can sign up for a Create free trial and start building your very own site today! We're always on hand to help, so get in touch anytime.

Finally, keep an eye out for next week's blog as we pick all our favourite things from the baking world, which will certainly help you get started. We'd also love to hear how you use your kitchen in the comments below :)

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