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So you've launched your website but you don't think you're getting the numbers of visitors you would like?

Well, there's no need to worry as it can take time for your search ranking to grow and for the word about your business to get out there.

But there are plenty of things you can do to help the process along and get those visitors, so let's take a look at them together!



Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the process of optimising your website to rank favourably in the search engines and is the most effective way to get more traffic to your website.

Good SEO for your website means a good search engine ranking and a higher chance of new visitors finding you, and new visitors means more sales!

The job of a search engine is to crawl your website and index the content on it, be it text, images or HTML, and collate this. Based on this they then calculate a relevancy for your website, based on mathematical algorithms.

Sounds complicated, right? Well, when you break it down it can be quite simple, so why not take a look at our fantastic guides on SEO below? These cover each aspect needed to accumulate good SEO for your website in a step-by-step fashion.

SEO Tips

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) introduction and how to submit your website

This guide talks you through how SEO works and gives you more information about how to submit your Create website to the search engines.

2. How to optimise your content and keywords for SEO

Having good content on your website is vital for SEO. Search engines will crawl this content for keywords or key phrases that potential visitors may search for. So, for example, if you sold music equipment you would need to think about what keywords visitors may use when searching online. Would it be your location? Or maybe a phrase such as "second-hand Marshall Amps"? These are the sorts of things you need to include in your content. However, you do have to be careful you don't use too many, as Google can penalise you for this. This is called Keyword Stuffing. For more information on optimising your content for SEO take a look at the above guide for more handy tips!

3. How to set up Meta information for SEO

Meta information is part of the HTML of your website that is crawled by the search engines but not visible on your website. It is used to describe precisely what is on your website and explain it to the search engines themselves. The guide above takes you through the best SEO practice when creating your meta information and gives examples of how to make the most of it! It also takes you through how to add this information to your Create account, but remember you can always email your Account Manager if you get stuck with this.


Social Media

Social MediaSocial Media creates a public personality for your business, giving you the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Whether it's on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, posting good, shareable content will encourage others to share it too, thereby reaching their contacts and getting your brand out there.

In addition to this, Social Media allows you to connect with other businesses to help you develop and grow, encouraging more visitors to connect with your social media profile and website.

At Create we have lots of widgets available to help you connect your Social Media, as well as a whole Connections area dedicated to helping your share your content on your social profiles so let's take a look...



Connections is a social-sharing hub, created so sharing your content on social media couldn't be easier! You can add your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account, as well as your LinkedIn and Pinterest, so you can share your new content on all of these social networks in one click! It not only allows you to share your blog posts on these social platforms but also an update every time you publish your website. Pretty cool, huh?

For more information on how to set up and use Connections please take a look at our HelpCentre guide, 'How To Use Connections'.

With the release of Connections came two social widgets that directly link your website to your social network profiles: "Social Share Button" and "Social Profile Links".

The "Social Share Button" widget displays a "share" option for each social network. So, for example, for Facebook it shows a Facebook "Like" button so visitors can select "Like" from your website and it automatically likes your Facebook business page. Whereas for Twitter it shows a "Tweet" button, so customers can automatically tweet about your website from the page, and a LinkedIn "Share" button. This keeps the visitor interacting with both your website and your social network profile, and shows these "shares" to their friends, making your website reach a wider audience!

The "Social Profile Links" widget is a little different and simply displays the icons for these social networks. These icons are then linked to your profiles so when the customer clicks on the icon they are taken to your social networking profile. You can connect these icons with your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Facebook Shop

Facebook ShopFor those of you who sell products on your Create site why not take a look at our Facebook Shop integration? By adding your Create Shop to your Facebook business page customers can not only find your Shop through this social network giant but can purchase items directly from your Facebook page too!

The main advantage of the Facebook Shop is that customers can share your products with their friends. So let's say, for example, that a customer loves a blue jumper you sell and her birthday is coming up. Well, with Facebook Shop, she can pop onto your product page and click "Share" to not only post this on her own profile but on any other Facebook pages she may have. Her friends may then see it and "like" it, so it appears on their timeline and their friends see it too. It can go on and on and this sharing brings with it more brand awareness for your company, as well as more potential customers.

This is a really easy integration to set up. For more information about this please see our HelpCentre guide, 'How do I set up a Facebook page for my Business?'



Pinterest LogoPinterest is a visually engaging social network, with visitors 'pinning' images of things they like to their pinboards. Although it is not possible for visitors to buy items through Pinterest it is a great way to drive visitors to your website as it is wholly based on sharing things people like. This can be anything from a wedding dress to a chest of drawers and so it is beneficial to all businesses types. As a company, it also gives your business a larger brand identity and a personality and helps you form links with other businesses.

There are many ways you can integrate Pinterest with your Create site:

1. Pin It Button

The Pin It button allows your visitor to pin an image or video from your web page to their Pinterest pinboard. This encourages them to get sharing straight away and spread the word about your business, thereby bringing in new visitors. This widget can be specifically placed onto certain products, which is perfect if these are products you wish to push.

2. Hover-Over Pin It Button

The Hover-Over Pin It button is a great addition to your site, as it will show the "Pin It" button on any images on that page that can be pinned. It stays hidden until the image is hovered over by the visitor, meaning your site remains uniform and it is a nice little surprise when it appears!

3. Follow Button

Having a "Follow" button on your website allows visitors to click and 'follow' you on Pinterest. Similar to a Twitter follow, this means they will be able to view your Pinterest profile and your pins, encouraging them to pin some of your images on their own Pinterest board.

4. Your Pinterest Boards

Showing your pins to your visitors are a great way to show your visitors what you like. In addition to this it keeps on encouraging your visitors to pin the images you have pinned, and keep on sharing!


Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsWhatever you do don't forget to track those new visitors you are attracting! One of the most effective tracking systems available is Google Analytics, which is a free service provided by Google. This can offer you great statistics such as where your visitors are from, how many are visiting each day and how they have found your website.

To get this set up with your Create account you will need to follow the steps in our HelpCentre guide, 'How to track my SEO results using Google Analytics'.


So now we have come to the end of our guide, and I hope you have picked up some handy tips! If you do have any questions about anything in this guide or about increasing your sales and site visits please email your Account Manager. We are always happy to help and advise you in anyway we can!

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