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Review: Where To Find Fonts OnlineIn this blog we're going to be taking a peek at a few great font websites and resources. Whether you want a wonderful text header or something to inspire your logo, the choices are almost endless.

Some are free, some aren't so free, but they're equally great, so please do have a look at the sites below! With these reviews you should find a font that really does reflect the personality of your site.


First off, it's pertinent to note that Dafont's fonts are all free for personal use, but you should keep an eye out as there are a few that aren't available for commercial use.

Once you land on the homepage you'll notice that you're given 'first dibs' on the latest typefaces. You're also able to search by useful categories such as 'Basic', 'Gothic' and 'Script'. You can then scroll through the character/symbol set of your selected font.

Next, just hit download, unzip the folder and use away. You may need to search around a touch harder for the best of the free fonts, but they're most certainly there! See below for a couple of good looking fonts I found on Dafont:

Opificio Serif Font from Dafont

CreativZoo font from Dafont


1001 Free Fonts

Again, 1001 Free Fonts does exactly what it says on the tin. The site itself has a stripped back look, with the day's featured fonts on the homepage. You are also able to search via category, by scanning through the long list of alphabetically listed categories, or hit 'top fonts' to see some of the more popular fonts.

See below for a couple of super finds, the former from the 'calligraphy' category and the latter from the 'rounded' category.

Adine Kernberg font from 1001freefonts

Chumbly font from 1001freefonts



UrbanFonts is a super source of fonts as you are able to select from both premium (paid-for) fonts and fonts that are entirely free. Popular typefaces are displayed on the UrbanFonts homepage, and you can search via the categories 'Free' or 'Premium' underneath.

If you see something you like, just select the image and hit 'Add to Cart'. A lovely little quirk at this point is that you can type in your own text to see what it looks like in your selected font, and you can do so at a fair few sizes. See below for a couple of examples from UrbanFonts:

Blorange font from UrbanFonts

Florence font from UrbanFonts



Welcome to "the world's largest collection of fonts". MyFonts is a great place to go if you are willing to flash a little bit of cash, as these fonts are sadly not free. However, they are probably worth it. There is a noticeable step up in quality, variety and fresh new selections.

Prices range from $5 to $99 dollars - it's well worth a perusal! Most of the typefaces are presented in up to six different variations, be it lighter (thinner) italic, bold or both. You're also able to survey the fonts at different sizes and, like UrbanFonts, type in your own text to see how it looks in your chosen font. Take a look below for a couple of fonts on offer from MyFonts:

Super Fancy font from MyFonts

Slender Yao font from MyFonts



Veer is a great site for businesses and creatives alike. With superb images and fonts up for purchase, one can really get lost in the choices afforded to the visitor. Starting from £3.18, and with over 12,000 choices and many, many sub-categories, it's needless to say that you'll be able to find the font for you here.

You can either browse through the showcased images or launch into the font finder and browse by style at your leisure. Once you start searching, you get the impression that you'll be able to find anything that you want in the exact form you want it. Just keep hitting the 'See more results' button in the bottom right-hand corner. See a couple of example fonts below:

Hippie font from Veer

Hummingbird font from Veer

These are just a few of the font depositories you can find online, but I think they're some of the best, especially when you can get so many of these fonts gratis!

Where do you get your fonts from? Share your secret font-spots with us in the comments below!

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