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We know how important it is for people to get around your site with ease. This is especially true if you have hundreds or products in many categories in your online shop. (We even posted an article about site navigation to ram the point home!) You want your visitors to get where they want to go in the click of a button, and last summer we released an exciting feature that made this a reality.

The introduction of Drop-Down Menus allowed users to significantly improve their websites' ease of use by implementing dynamic drop-down menus into their sites' main menus, meaning that huge lists of pages could be gathered together in one or two tiers under simple, attractive headings.

For Sarah Cook, site owner of La Residence Interiors (which uses the Linear template), the feature has been a huge help: "We have recently switched to drop down menus because we felt that they make our site far easier to navigate, especially as we add to our product range. It's great that our customers can directly find any product straight from our landing page."

La Residence Interiors Screenshot

As La Residence's product range grows, so will the length of the site's drop-down menus, leading to a very visual and immediate represenatation of the size of the product range. If you've got lots of products on offer, using drop-down menus is a great way to show off your range.

Another website on which the Drop-Down Menus has had a big impact is Blackpool Advocacy, which helps abuse victims and people with disabilities in the Blackpool and Lancaster area.

Blackpool Advocacy

This website, which also uses the Linear template, is jam-packed with useful information and the drop-down menus have been implemented to ensure that navigation between the many different areas is not only a breeze, but also more accessible for those with learning disabilities.

Drop-down menus behave differently on different templates, giving Create users a wide range of ways to make information and web pages accessible.

For example, Dovetail Woodwork, as seen below, makes great use of the drop-down menus featured in the Side Menu template Ulysses. In this template, the drop-down menus features a dynamic animation: when a menu item is hovered over, the rest of the menu smoothly slides down to make room for the sub-menu.

Dovetail Woodwork Screenshot

Drop-down menus really couldn't be easier to implement. We've used a visual 'nesting' system on Create's updated Site Content Screen to enable you to simply and immediately gather pages together. To find out more, check out the '
How to use Drop-Down Menus' guide in the Create HelpCentre. If you have any questions about drop-down menus, get in touch with your Customer Account Manager, who will be more than happy to help.

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