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Social Media giant Twitter boasts a whopping 316 million users every month, but how do you find your place within the "Twitterverse" and how do you know who to follow?

To help all online business and ecommerce owners we have compiled 10 essential accounts to follow that will get you on your way; whether it be help with SEO, or research on online trends.

  1. @Econsultancy are a publisher of independent research, analysis and advice on marketing, social media, ecommerce and SEO for business. This data can be used by you as business owners to influence future decisions, which is a great way to plan future marketing and SEO strategies.

  2. @zapier are a fabulous company that can give you "internet superpowers". They provide a service that will allow you to connect apps which is a fab way to streamline your business management. Use Zapier in your Create account today!

  3. @sewatch Keep your SEO in tip top shape with the fantastic blog posts and wealth of information found on this Twitter channel. You are sure to bust any burning SEO questions you may have when scrolling down this feed. 

  4. @googleanalytics is the official account for the Google Analytics feature. Get super useful tips and tricks you can apply to your own analytics account to make sure you are making the most out of your website statistics. If you do not currently use Google Analytics with your website, you are able to connect for free with Create!

  5. @dannysullivan is the Founding Editor of @MarketingLand and @SEngineLand which are two huge information sources for current Marketing and Search Engine trends. This account is another great follow for all things marketing online, which can help you plan your future marketing promotions. 

  6. @StartUpLoansUK are a UK government funded scheme providing advice, loans and mentoring to startup businesses. If you are a new business, or looking to startup check out this Twitter account for amazing oppurtunities and inspiring startup stories. We are running a great offer with Start Up Loans, find out more here.

  7. @mashable are a great account to follow for business and general life inspiration, as well as general world news. If you are feeling uninspired one day, I recommend heading over to this account for a little pick me up!

  8. @randfish is the founder of Moz: Online marketing and SEO experts. Follow Rand for fantastically digestable information on marketing, SEO, technology, & startups. Again use this info to sway your future promotion plans. 

  9. @IR_Magazine  is the leading publisher of e-commerce news and analysis. Find out about current trends and independant reasearch made in the ecommerce field. Is your online shop fully optimised for the current market? The articles and statistics found on this Twitter feed can help you find out.

  10. We have saved the best until last. It is @create of course! Here at Create we regularly share informative blog posts that cover lots of really interesting and helpful topics. All blogs are designed to help Create customers, but will also apply to all ecommerce and other online businesses. The Create Twitter also promotes customer websites and products (#createpicks) and is generally a really lovely community to be part of. We hope to see you there!

Why not set up a Twitter list, and keep your influencial/informative accounts in one place. That way it makes it easier to access the information and retweet if you feel it is releavant and will help your Twitter account and business.

Do you have any other accounts you follow that help you with your business? Let us know in the comments! If you want to get involved with the @create Twitter please get in touch with your Account Manager and we can let you know all the ways you are able to get involved.

Twitter Accounts To Follow For Your Online Business

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