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It's incredibly exciting when that lightbulb of inspiration flicks on and you find yourself with an amazing idea for a business, but the moment you make that idea a reality and build a website and online shop to bring your business to the world is even more spine-tinglingly sensational!

Our Secrets To Success

The first few weeks of running your new business are crucial, so be sure to make every moment count and plan ahead. Below are a few points that we believe are the key to starting a successful business from scratch.

  • Sell something that you are passionate about.

     It cannot be stressed enough how important this is. Do something that you are happy to spend a lot of time on, because if your plan succeeds you will be spending a lot of time on it.

  • Use Google Analytics.

    This is such a powerful tool for learning about your target market. It helps you refine your keywords, track your visits and hits, and best of all, you can even see where your visitors are coming from and what devices they're using. Plus it's completely free!

  • Make friends using social media.

     When starting a business it's often difficult to know how to use social media to your advantage. Our best advice would be not to worry about it too much. Spend time making connections and speaking to people on Facebook and Twitter, occasionally sharing your products but also sharing resources that you think your target market would love. For example, if you are selling vintage clothing you might post up a link about a classic car show nearby or a 60's night at your local.

  • Don't flood your social media feeds with posts just about your products.

    Remember that the better the resources you're sharing, the more shares you're likely to get, resulting in bigger exposure for your business! Also, don't be afraid to get involved in conversations! Get stuck in. That's what social media is all about, and it works.

  • Manage your expectations.

    Starting your own business and becoming a successful seller doesn't happen overnight. You need to be prepared to put in the work with regards to your SEO, and expect your first real sale 6-9 months in. I know that seems like absolutely ages but we can guarantee it will be worth it! Be patient but proactive, too.

Key To Success image

Product photography, delivery terms, legal requirements and site analytics are all important elements of a successful online shop.

  • Make sure you have all your website's legal responsibilities in order.

    Not only is this important for you as a business, but it will also help with building a sense of trust and professionalism in your business. Having detailed but understandable terms and conditions, a privacy policy and information on delivery costs and returns will make a huge difference to your customers. Put yourself in your customers' shoes - would you buy from an online shop that didn't have those things? You want to gain trust. If you need some help with this check out How To Write Website Terms and Conditions.
  • Make sure your product images are the best they can possibly be.

    These are the main things that will turn visitors into customers! This means spending time photographing your products properly. We've got some great tips on the 'Do's' and 'Don't's of website photography here.

  • Make your first sale really special.

    Wrap it nicely, ship it quickly and leave a friendly note inside the package. This seems like obvious advice but presentation is so important! Writing a handmade thank you note is always a really nice touch. You could encourage repeat business by including a discount code for their next purchase, too.

  • Use a great mail provider.

    Don't just go with the first one you think of. You need to find out which service will suit your products and business best. If you're not sure where to start, don't worry. We've compared five alternatives to Royal Mail for you already!

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Are you an experienced online seller with advice for someone just starting out? Let us know in the comments below!

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