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This isn’t quite going to be one of those articles that encourages to you to use lots of red on your site because it’ll attract attention or to combine yellow with black to create a buy now button that everyone notices. I want to encourage you to think about colour a little differently.

Many of us are familiar with the idea that colour conveys meaning and can stir emotion. At a very simple level we know that red can be aggressive and blue is calming. But clichés aside, you can use colour to connect with your visitors at a subconscious level and persuade them to buy more, and that’s where things start to get really interesting.

Successful retailers understand that to maximise sales they need sell a lifestyle as much as a product. And whether you have ambitions of becoming a multi-national, multi-channel retailer or slightly more modest plans, you too need to create an irresistible brand that has your potential customers hooked the second they hit their site.

You may not have the eye-watering advertising budgets of the big retailers but you can be smart about how your website is designed. The colours you use, the way you style and shoot your photographs, any patterns or textures you select and the typefaces you work with all create an impression. They create an impression, whether intentional or not.

Colour psychology will help you communicate more powerfully. It’ll give you the focus, structure and intention you need to convert visitors into customers and build your business, faster. Here’s how.

Start by getting focused

Focus on your business and what makes you unique, your brand values and your customers and what they really value about what you do. Identify the impression you want to create when visitors hit your site and how effectively you’re communicating right now.

Next, and personally this is where I think things get game changing, identify which seasonal personality best represents your business because that’s what will provide the direction for the colours and design elements on your website and enable you to communicate in a compelling and persuasive way.

You’ll find a more detailed description of each season on my blog, but essentially Spring businesses are fun, creative and lighthearted. Perhaps you sell childrenswear or cute, vintage accessories for the home. If that’s the case you’ll use light, soft and warm colours; ditsy or polka dot patterns and plenty of circles. Your site will feel bright, simple and clean and you’ll avoid clutter at all costs.



If you’re a Summer business you’ll have an altogether more delicate, romantic and calm feel. Quality is important to you and you’ll stock classic, traditional goods with a certain grace and elegance. You’ll need to use cool, muted and delicate colours with a touch of grey (classic Farrow and Ball shades are a great example), flowing lines and natural textures. Patterns will have a stillness about them and may have a faded charm.



Autumn businesses are earthy, organic and robust and as you might expect, you’ll use warm, intense and muted colours. Typefaces and patterns will feel substantial but approachable and engaging. You’re passionate about what you do and this flair and energy will be apparent as people visit your online shop.



If you sell luxury products it’s likely that you’ll be a Winter business. You should use cool, bright and clear colours to make a strong impact. Typefaces and patterns should be picked with precision to create a bold and highly aspirational look. Use geometric shapes, directional fonts and patterns with an edginess to them.



Once you’ve identified the season and your design style it’s time to pick the colours that’ll support your brand values. Every colour works for every season apart from black.

So if, for example, you decide that you want to communicate fun or creativity you might pick a lovely orange or coral. If you were a Spring business you’d use a light, bright, warm orange; for Summer that tone would be light, delicate and muted; if you were an Autumn business you’d pick a fiery, intense and warm orange and if you were a Winter business it would be clear, bright and intense.

Each colour has different properties and will help you communicate your brand values subconsciously but what really matters is the way you put together your design elements. Take a look through the detailed descriptions on my blog and identify which season best supports your business. Evaluate which elements of your website are working for you right now and which you need to change.

As you start to make the changes you’ll notice something wonderful starts to happen – not only do your customers respond positively but you’ll notice you feel differently about your website. It’ll feel more you! And you can channel that newfound energy and positivity into your business.

Happy retailing!

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