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While taking care over packaging is extremely useful for businesses that make handmade products, it really can lend itself to all areas of ecommerce. Ensuring your customers have the best experience from start to finish by adding a special touch to the packaging of your orders can really make or break your business memorability. But how and where do you begin?


For those of you more interested in the packaging for your business, "The Crafter’s Guide To Packaging Handmade Products" is a brilliant resource book, designed to inspire and help you build your brand. It's full of lots of great ideas designed to get your creative juices flowing, making you think “outside of the box” when it comes to packaging; Pardon the pun.

Spending a little extra time on your packaging can really help with a customers overall experience and can be “the crucial difference between a one time sale and customers who come back for more”.

We caught up with graphic designer and author of this fabulous book, Viola Sutanto. Read on to find out what tips we were able to gain from such an experienced and innovative designer along with how to win a copy of this brilliant book with Create!


Hi Viola! Thank you so much for speaking with us. What inspired you to write your book, “The Crafter’s Guide To Packaging Handmade Products”?

I’ve always been fascinated by the art of packaging and wrapping. When my editor at Rotovision and I first discussed the possibility of a book on the techniques of wrapping, it was based on my (then) product line of reusable fabric gift wrap. Over time, the scope of the book evolved into the larger topic of packaging handmade products.

 inside the book of The Crafter’s Guide To Packaging Handmade Products from Maika Goods

How important do you think packaging is in building the brand of your business?

Brand-building has many parts to it, and packaging plays a significant role in that configuration. It can be a powerful tool in setting the tone for your brand, beyond the nuts and bolts of your product. After all, packaging is tactile; it’s a part of the physical interaction your customer has with your brand, your product.

Good packaging adds to the customer experience; it elicits a response or emotion. It helps the customer to build a visual vocabulary around your product and your brand.

There are so many avenues in which a brand interacts with its customers. Packaging is just a component of the brand interaction. Consider the way you present your brand identity: the colors, the typography, the way the products are presented, the voice you are using to speak with your customer. Really take the time to think through what your brand voice is: playful? authoritative? youthful? Don’t try to be all things to the customer. Know who your brand is, and convey that consistency in communicating with your customer.

Do you have a key piece of advice for an ecommerce business just starting to focus on their unique packaging style?

At the beginning, it’s easy to be seduced by the numerous options out there and go wild. Don’t get me wrong; it’s great (and fun!) to go all out and experiment. But at the end of the day, the most successful packaging is one that is brand-centric. That is, it is true to your brand, and communicates clearly to the customer. So keep editing during the process. Don’t do it alone… be open to feedback from your peers and potential customers. Also, always be cognizant of your budget.

inside the book of The Crafter’s Guide To Packaging Handmade Products

There are so many fabulous ideas in your book that I would never have thought of when it comes to packaging. Where did you gain all your creative packaging knowledge.

I guess it’s a culmination of being in the design field for a while now. When we do packaging work for clients, a ton of research goes into it, and while most ideas are tossed out for that particular project, they sometimes do return in other forms in later years.

It’s always good to archive your work, although I’ll admit it’s not my favourite thing to do. I also like to experiment with different forms and materials a lot. Happy accidents are the best! Also, my husband is a packaging designer, and has done projects for some of the major brands worldwide, so I often tap into him for brainstorming and ideas.

Thank you so much Viola, it has been great to talk and get these wonderful tips.

Here at Create we have been fortunate to get our hands on a copy of this book for our 'Freebie Friday' giveaway this week!

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You can purchase a signed copy of "The Crafter’s Guide To Packaging Handmade Products" from website, Maika Goods here, or grab a copy from Amazon, here.


I don't know about everyone else, but I am unusually excited to start experimenting with packaging! I hope you enjoyed this blog and have some new inspiration for your brand and unique packaging style.


*T's and C's apply. Competition closes at Midnight GMT on Monday the 17th August 2015.

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