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How To Start Your New Business

Seedlings growing

Every day new companies are born, but of those only a tiny percentage succeed. What makes them succeed? Here's what to think about when you're launching a business so that it's still going strong in two years time.


10 Worst Work-Related Email Mistakes You Probably Make

10 Email Mistakes to Avoid

We use email all the time - as a planet we send 205 billion per day!

It's the most direct, speedy and eco-friendly form of communication, but it’s easy to make a mistake that can damage your professional reputation.

Here are our 10 worst email etiquette mistakes and how to avoid them:


3 Awesome Eco-Activities To Do In Your Office

When did you last reflect on the planet and the mark you are personally leaving? There are many ways we can be helping our planet - without Earth our businesses would have no reason to exist and our offices would have no grounding to be built upon! 2016 marks the 46th "Earth Day", so why not take a moment to relax from the pressures of work and read 3 quick ways you could save the planet in your office this week.


Boost Your Productivity And Wellbeing At Work!

riding a bike to work

More and more research suggests that sitting down for prolonged periods of time can have a negative impact on your health, and productivity. Whether you work from home or are based in the office, if you take into account the average working day, it’s very likely you spend a whopping 7 hours a day sat at your desk! But what can you do to combat this? As it’s World Health Day, take a look at some of our best tips for leading a more active and healthy working day!

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