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Social Proof Marketing Tips

Rebekah Harriman

We all want to sell more online, and there are many tried and tested methods to help you do so. One of these is showing how well-received your business and products have been before in order to increase trust in your business and improve sales conversion rates. A powerful way to promote your company is to use the unbiased testimonials of happy customers.

Below, social media consultant and coach Rebekah Harriman explains the various ways to get the message across that your customers love you and your products with social proof!


How To Use Short Form Video To Make Your Business Stand Out

Rebekah Harriman

Today we're hearing from Rebekah Harriman, a social media consultant & coach who specialises in working with creative businesses. Short video is an emerging tool for small businesses and with networks like Vine and Instagram you can be creative and informative in an instant! Over to you, Rebekah...

Video is a very valuable marketing tool for small business owners. It’s great for your SEO and it gets shared more frequently than other media. Customers are also more likely to trust testimonials on video than in writing as they are much harder to fake or make up and actually demonstrating a product helps consumers feel confident in their purchase.


Free Menu Buttons For Your Online Shop

Free Buttons For Your Online Shop

Splash a bit of colour across your website with these free shop button graphics from Create.

It's easy to customise your own buttons for your online shop and these sets of graphics can contribute to a vibrant experience for your website visitors.

There are eight sets of buttons. First up are these buttons with rounded corners that will help your customers navigate your site with ease.


Free Christmas Graphics

Christmas Banner

Our designers have created a host of snowy, jingly and festive wallpapers, shop buttons and sale banners for you to use on your website this Christmas.

Here are some frosty and sweet buttons for use in your online shop. Just save the PNG files below and upload t

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