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How to Add A Personal Touch to Your Product Orders

The Wise House Packaging

Small personal touches can make all the difference to your customers and to the relationship they build with your business. Whether it is a note, a free gift or a great wrapping, these are opportunities to convey your brand personality to your customer and make them feel appreciated, thereby encouraging them to come back and buy again.

We spoke to Lucy from


Paypal Seller Protection Advice

PayPal is an extremely popular and user-friendly service for online payments. Paypal ensures excellent protection for both buyers and sellers

Want to know more? Here's a breakdown of what they can do for you, and what you’ll need to do to make the most of PayPal's services


Social Proof Marketing Tips

Rebekah Harriman

We all want to sell more online, and there are many tried and tested methods to help you do so. One of these is showing how well-received your business and products have been before in order to increase trust in your business and improve sales conversion rates. A powerful way to promote your company is to use the unbiased testimonials of happy customers.

Below, social media consultant and coach Rebekah Harriman explains the various ways to get the message across that your customers love you and your products with social proof!


How To Use Short Form Video To Make Your Business Stand Out

Rebekah Harriman

Today we're hearing from Rebekah Harriman, a social media consultant & coach who specialises in working with creative businesses. Short video is an emerging tool for small businesses and with networks like Vine and Instagram you can be creative and informative in an instant! Over to you, Rebekah...

Video is a very valuable marketing tool for small business owners. It’s great for your SEO and it gets shared more frequently than other media. Customers are also more likely to trust testimonials on video than in writing as they are much harder to fake or make up and actually demonstrating a product helps consumers feel confident in their purchase.

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