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Spring Clean Your Website including SEO tips, Responsive design, Shop Sale and much more

We are now officially in the season of Spring, and with this comes spring cleaning! Giving your life, home or workplace a refresh can really prepare you for the months ahead.

We've gathered some spring cleaning ideas for you to ensure your site is fresh, clean and bright for 2015.


Are you using one of the new responsive templates?

Having a website that is tablet and mobile friendly now holds more importance than ever. With mobile internet usage growing at such a huge rate, it is integral that websites are responsive and will re-size depending on the size of screen it is being viewed upon.

If you have not made the switch, why not take a look at the available responsive templates with Create and make your site responsive today!

 Responsive template example

Do you have a Facebook Shop?

With packages Shop Builder and above, you are able to list your Create shop products on your Facebook business page for FREE with just a few clicks!

This feature will allow you to further maximise your customer base by opening up your shop to a whole new market and could also bring more traffic to your Facebook page.

Check out our website for more details on setting up your Facebook Shop.



Have you got a Sale or Discount Code running?

Drum up interest in your website, increase visits and sales, and clear out your older winter stock a with a special discount offer or shop sale.

The Sale feature is currently available to packages Shop Builder and above and allows you to easily offer discounts on your chosen products numerous ways. Read more about this feature in our HelpCentre guide.

Our 'Discount Codes' feature is another great way to offer incentives to your customers. You create the code in your account and then choose who and where you promote this for your customers. This could be an exclusive code for special customers, or a general code to promote over your social channels!

Packages Shop Builder Pro and above have access to the Discount Codes Plus feature. This is a turbo version of the Discount Codes where you can offer a minimum or maximum spend on the codes. See our super useful HelpCentre guide for more information.


Is your website in compliance with the selling online laws?

There are a couple of things every ecommerce website must have in order to comply with laws regarding selling online and distance selling. No need to worry as we have got you covered and compiled a handy checklist for you to use to ensure you have a complying site. See our HelpCenter guide 'Distance Selling and The Law'.


What package are you currently on?

Perhaps a refresh on your package may be a positive move for you and your website. There are a range of great features available with Create’s differing packages. Take a look at all available packages on our comparison page.

Pricing Plan

Maybe you would like more product allowance to add lots of new and exciting items to your shop? Or the option to add additional payment gateways giving your customers even more choice when making a payment?

You can upgrade your account easily with just a few clicks, and you can always contact your Account Manger if you would like to go through any package features in more detail.


I do hope this makes for some exciting and useful ideas to give your website a spruce this Spring. Ensuring your website is up to date and current for 2015 will promote positivity and success! 

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