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September's Site of the Month is the super stylish, a UK-based, family run t-shirt design company established in 2013. From kids tees to gym vests, there's something for everyone so if you like unique, individual designs then RockPaperSisters is the site for you! I caught up with owner Dave Brickley to find out more about how the business got started, how they developed such a cool brand and their plans for the future.

How did you business begin? Was it always the plan to own your own business or was it an idea that grew? 

We've always talked about having our own business, but taking the first step to actually do it came when my wife was on maternity leave. It became something flexible she could do around looking after our daughter full time and it's really expanded from there!

Owners of RockPaperSistersI know the business is family run, which is so lovely! How do you find working as a team?

The business was actually started by my wife and her sister (hence RockPaperSisters) but as it began to expand, we've really made it into a family venture with everyone pitching in as the business has grown.

We feel really fortunate we're able to work as a team as we can be brutally honest with one another and always get the best outcome for the business. It also means we're not afraid to put ourselves out there with new ideas. Having said that, it can be the most stressful experience in that you're constantly engrossed in work, so we try to maintain a good balance to keep our business and family time separate.

I really love all the slogans on your products and you have certainly got the right slogans for the right audience. How do you come up with your product designs? 

We like to ensure our customers are always able to find something new and fresh so we are constantly designing new slogans and imagery for our tees. To come up with our designs, we will choose a theme and run with it! We look to popular culture for inspiration and really adapt popular references to create something you won't have seen elsewhere. 

Your branding is fantastic! Is this something you gave a lot of thought on before you created your website and, if so, how did you go about starting out?

We first found branding a real struggle as we deal with so many different sectors - weddings, gym wear, casual tees, children's personalised tees just to name a few! We didn't want to exclude any of our customers by appearing too gym focused or too wedding focused so we created something neutral and professional which was at the same time a little edgy to give people a feel of who we are as a brand without deterring any of our potential customers.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge you have faced in your business?

The biggest challenge for us has been getting ourselves out there. The market is really saturated with clothing, particularly t-shirt design companies and we needed to show what makes us different. It's always a challenge to promote yourself without having a physical space people can stumble across you but we've been really lucky and had great customers who have spread the word for us!

RockPaperSisters Products

What has been your biggest success so far?

We've had a lot of success in the year since we started RockPaperSisters from celebrities purchasing our items, to our products being requested for magazine edits. We don't take anything for granted and work hard to ensure our business moves forward every day. We're only as successful as our customers make us so every time a customer makes the effort to contact us and tell us they've received wonderful service or a product they love, that feels like the greatest victory. 

I can see you have lots of social media links within your website, what do you find works best when promoting your business on social media?

We're actually really new to social media and have recently set up accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. We love chatting to our customers and have found that our customers tend to prefer Twitter and Instagram as they are more interactive. We have set up discount codes and giveaways to encourage new followers and use a 'tell us which tee you like' stance to start up a conversation with potential customers.

We've really enjoyed communicating with our customers via social media and it's a great way of putting forward specific products we think our customers will love. It has also seen an increase of traffic to our website - a lot of which converts to new customers!

How have you found using Create? Are there any particular features that you feel help your business stand out from your competitors?

Using Create has been great! It is so straight forward and allows for so much customisation that we could really adapt things to get our ideal brand feel. Your staff cannot help enough and will go out of their way to get things done. We love utilising all the widgets to make our site look unique and they give our site a more interactive feel. 

What are the future plans for RockPaperSisters? 

We'd love to expand further into other printed items but for now, we're busy expanding our collections on a daily basis!

A big "Thank You" to Dave from for taking the time to talk to me, and congratulations on being September's Site Of The Month! 

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