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Site of the Month: Red Cherry Prints

This time around we've been speaking with Justine Gray, the founding owner of 'Red Cherry Prints' and this months 'Site Of The Month' titleholder!

Red Cherry Prints create unique typographic prints inspired by vintage/retro style and popular culture

We spoke with Justine about how she went about setting up the business, her passion for typography and also how she's found using Create to host and promote Red Cherry Prints. 

Interview With Justine from Red Cherry Prints

What's your background and how did you come to start an online business?

My career background is in corporate project management but I’ve always had creative tendencies.  As a child I was always making something and this creative streak has stayed with me, so when I started making typographic art designs for myself, and as gifts for family and friends, I realised I’d found something I really enjoyed doing and that I could potentially turn into a business.  After some research I discovered Create and I realised that it wouldn’t be too difficult to make my own website, so I took the plunge.

Red Cherry Prints Image

What led to your love of words and art?

I’ve always loved words.  As soon as I could read I was never without a book in my hand.  I love what can be achieved with words – books, songs, films, etc are all a result of words being used in the right way.  But words can also look good.  When I’m out and about I’m always stopping to look at shop signs and advertising boards and admiring how they impart information succinctly and aesthetically.  I particularly like vintage and American inspired signage (think diners) and this has inspired some of my designs. 

Typography is everywhere and we probably don’t notice it most of the time.  When I eat out I’m always last to order because I spend more time looking at the way the menu is laid out than what’s on it!  My designs simply reflect the things I like with a dollop of nostalgia on top and, fortunately, they seem to resonate with other people too.

Red Cherry Prints Directory Screenshot

Do you have any tips for Create users hoping to make themselves a cool new logo?

A logo is often the first thing a customer sees when they visit a website so it’s a valuable opportunity to convey the tone and style of your site.  A logo can tell customers at a glance what to expect from a site, so it should reflect the image you want to portray as a seller and be appropriate for your market.  A shop can sell excellent products but a poorly designed logo/banner can make the site seem uninviting and unprofessional.  A logo needs to be designed to work in harmony with the colour, fonts and theme of a site so it doesn’t fight for attention with the page content.  

I’d always recommend having one professionally designed if possible but if that’s not an option have a look at some of your competitors’ logos (particularly the big companies who will have spent a lot of money building their brand) and see what sort of style works for them.  I made dozens of logos and changed my site several times before settling on one.  It’s also helpful to have a logo you like personally because you’ll have to look at it every day!

Red Cherry Prints Blog Quote What marketing techniques do you feel work best for your business? 

As a very new business my biggest challenge is raising my site’s profile.  Most of my sales come through third party sites (e.g. Etsy) but having my own site now means I can include my own marketing materials in orders that came through other sites in order to encourage customers to go directly to my site in the future (I incentivise this with discount vouchers).  My marketing materials are designed in exactly the same style as my website and I use my logo/brand consistently across everything I produce. 

Like most new businesses I started off worryingly slow but sales are gradually starting to increase, and now I’ve been up and running for a few months I’m getting much more direct traffic and seeing more sales from my own site.  I’ve also had wholesale enquiries from companies who’ve seen my products on other sites, so it’s really good being able to refer them to my own site; it makes me appear more professional. 

The feedback about my site has been really positive which makes me much more confident about approaching potential stockists, lifestyle sites, and generally promoting my business through web and social media.  I’ve got a lot to learn and a long way to go, but I’m excited about the possibilities for my site!

Screenshot and Red Cherry Prints

How have you found using Create to build your online shop?

I’d never attempted to build a website before, so it was a bit of a learning curve.  When first faced with the Create design screen I didn’t know where to start, but I got to grips with it quite quickly.  Once you get used to working with tables the layout possibilities are endless! 

The online Help Centre and the forum were particularly useful too.  I’ve found Create so easy and flexible to use that I also now use it to make websites for other businesses! 

Thanks to Justine Gray for taking the time to chat to us about Red Cherry Prints.

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