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If you're using the responsive grid layout for your product categories, you can now to choose form 4 different product thumbnail sizes. No matter which size you choose, the layout will respond the images to optimise how they are displayed, regardless of the size of screen your customer is using.


It's been exciting to see what a difference this new functionality has made to the websites of our small group of testers and they've been really pleased with the results.

Sea Glass Jewellery Designer, The Strandline (featured in the screenshot below) told us "This is one of the best features to be added to my website yet! I love it! I have 4 images across making them big and clear, just what customers want..." She is using one of the larger sizes for the thumbnails and this, combined with the clean white design, showcases her pieces beautifully.Responsive Category Layout

Purveyor of Gorgeous Homewares, The Wise House is also using the larger size thumbnails to display the products and said "I love the increased thumbnail size as part of the category layout update. In online retail it is all about the power of the visual; without the aid of touch and the other senses photography and imagery are vital when selling online. The larger images give customers a better view of what is on offer, and overall it makes the website look much more professional. Good work Create team!"

Want to try this out on your Create shop before the full release? Contact your Account Manager and they'll be happy to help. We hope you'll enjoy having more options and encourage you to share your experience in the blog comments below. Add your website when you are using the new feature, we'd love to see what you've done and others will too!

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