Crafting The Best Abandoned Basket Email

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Many shoppers who browse your site aren’t ready to buy right away, and seeing orders disappear can be frustrating. Why not communicate with potential buyers, just like you would in a physical shop, and encourage them to make the purchase? Use personalised, targeted emails and start recovering sales today!

Abandoned basket emails are an easy and successful way to tempt shoppers back to complete their order. A well timed, helpful email can reduce your abandonment rate and increase sales, so take advantage of our top tips for writing a winning recovery email.


10 Essential Twitter Accounts To Follow For Your Online Business

Hand holding a phone on twitter in a coffee shop

Social Media giant Twitter boasts a whopping 316 million users every month, but how do you find your place within the "Twitterverse" and how do you know who to follow?


New Image Editor For Better Responsive Websites

using a tablet

So you've got a responsive site but what about your website images? Do you understand the importance of aspect ratios and consistency in your design?

Learn how using Pagebuilder, responsive templates and your new image editing tool will get your website looking the best it has ever looked. We dig deep into the advantages off all three of the new features together and explain some of the new ideas along the way.


3 Awesome Eco-Activities To Do In Your Office

When did you last reflect on the planet and the mark you are personally leaving? There are many ways we can be helping our planet - without Earth our businesses would have no reason to exist and our offices would have no grounding to be built upon! 2016 marks the 46th "Earth Day", so why not take a moment to relax from the pressures of work and read 3 quick ways you could save the planet in your office this week.

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