7 Tips For Watermarking Product Images

There’s often a misconception that when something is on the internet it is free to be used and has entered the public domain, generally all images, photos and text is copyrighted to the person who created the content and water-marking images help with this.

No one likes to think that someone will be out there copying their ideas, and using their text and images which they have spent hours working on, but it does happen and often it is simply an innocent mistake.

One way to protect your photos and images is to add a watermark to each one. There are free water


10 Simple Blog Post Ideas To Inspire You

An excellent way of promoting your business is to regularly blog. Search Engines love new content and blogging can really improve your sites ranking. It also help's to use a content calendar so you can schedule posts and start to build a routine with your writing and readers, take a look at our free content calendar.

Below are 10 simple blog post ideas:

Write about any news you have about new product and services, an up-and-coming sale, or an event you are going to. Write about yourself,
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