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Organic Toys

The Organic Toy Company is a family run business, founded by Natalie Southgate, to provide parents with a wide choice of Organic, natural toys and gifts for babies and children.


How to Optimise Your Small Businesses Metadata

tea search engine results to demonstrate meta data appearance

Google and other search engines have hundreds of signals that they use to determine a sites relevance in any given users search query, one of these is known as metadata.

Metadata is not visible on the page to the user itself, but it is what's displayed in the search engine results pages as you can see below.

How to Optimise the Meta Title

The blue section is where the 'meta title' appears and the text underneath the green page URL, is the 'meta description'. Whilst there are many divisive opinions around the impact of having a well-optimised meta description, it


3 Quick SEO Tips For Beginners

tea search engine results to demonstrate meta data appearance

SEO is short for 'Search Engine Optimisation', which, in a nutshell, is the process of optimising your site so that it starts to climb up the natural Search Engine rankings.

Google and many other Search Engines are constantly changing their ranking criteria, what they require from webmasters to keep spammy tactics reduced and as a result their 'SEO Guidelines' are constantly changing too.

So we have pulled together a few basic quick tips to remember when optimising your website, for people who are just getting started in website optimisation and SEO.

3 Quick Tips

How To Streamline The Amazon Order Process

Amazon has certainly branched out in recent years and now finds itself as one of the foremost prominent ecommerce hubs.

For those of you already using its wide reaching customer base to sell your products alongside your Create shop, why not use our 'Amazon Order Importer' tool.

Available on the Shop Builder Advanced package. This great tool will allow you to not only streamline your order process using our Order Management System but also keep your Create Shop stock levels up to date.

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