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It’s almost that time of year again. We’re trying not to think about having to sip on green smoothies and whether we'll have to spend more time at the gym. But while most of these ambitions will have fallen by the wayside shortly after the New Year, we’re three times more likely to stick to business goals than any other resolutions. 

Whether you’re starting your first business with a Create website, quitting your day job to give it your all, or revamping your current business plan, why not really make 2018 a year to remember? Follow Create’s six steps to making, and sticking to, New Year’s resolutions for your business.

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Be specific with your goals

Really think about what you want to achieve and be specific about it. Goals like ‘make more sales’ are vague and won’t motivate you. Be determined and lay out decisive targets like ‘reach X sales per week by X date’ - and plan how you’ll do it and by when.


Backwards goal-setting

Backwards goal-setting can be really useful when making big business plans. It can help you to work backwards from each goal and break it up into the steps needed to reach it. For example, if your goal is to give up the 9-5 and focus solely on your own business, you could work backwards from the end goal of quitting your job, right up to the first steps of starting your business. This could mean working out a budget and sourcing your product in the first month. Working backwards can give you the perspective you need to really tackle the challenges ahead and boost your business!


Be organised

Being more organised in general is one of our most common resolutions, so why not apply it to business? Use the new year to refresh all areas of your business by setting up a comfortable workspace without distractions. Organise your inbox and your paperwork - delete and throw out everything you don’t need for the year ahead. Download some great organisational apps like AnyDoToDoIst  and RescueTime. These are free and can really make a difference to your organisation.


Tidy up your social media

It’s time to get social! If you haven’t already, get your site linked to social media accounts so you can really judge which platform is best for your business. If you’ve had a digital presence across the board, take some time to really be ruthless about tidying them up; there’s no point having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest if you’re not regularly updating and refreshing them. Drop what you don’t need and move on!


Enjoy the journey

A good way to stay positive and motivated in 2018 is to focus on progress rather than results. Focus on the journey, not the destination. Results-based goals before you’re ready can lead to disappointment and actually set you back. If you set a goal like ‘I want to sell X amount of my product this year’ you’re more likely to be disappointed than if you set a goal like ‘I want to list X amount per day for the year’. Progress will lead to results, but your focus is shifted to the more manageable goal. 


Work hard, play hard

Running your own business is stressful enough without putting added pressure on yourself to be perfect! There is a reason people so often break their new year’s resolutions - because they set the bar too high. No one is perfect and the occasional slip-up is inevitable. There will be days when you’re less productive and need a break - and that’s fine! Follow Create's tips on how to keep sane while running your own online business while working a 9-5. Yes, running a business can be rewarding, but don’t forget to give yourself time off to enjoy everything else 2018 has to offer!

Your business has the potential to go the distance - don’t limit yourself by treating it like abandoned resolution. 2018 could be your year!

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