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We're really excited to bring you three new themes for your website. Each of these new templates can be completely customised and tailored to your content in new and exciting ways. One of the designs is based on our example site that we received a lot of positive feedback on and so now, you can build your own website off the same template that we used.

Check them out in the post below and try them on your website in the "Design" area when you log in.

You can customise your chosen theme to really showcase your products, ensuring it matches your look, style and branding. Change the elements of the design, including the fonts, colours, logo, and much more to make the template your own. 

If you've already built your website with Create, when you select one of these templates to try, you'll see your own content load in rather than the example content shown in the images below. Not sure how to change your template? Read our guide

Construkt Template

Construkt Template

Harmony Template

Harmony Template


Seagull Template

Seagull Template

We’ll be adding more templates in the coming months, so check back soon or follow us on Instagram to hear about them as they're released. Using one of these themes? Share your website in the comments below or let us know your favourite.

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