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Website visits from mobile devices have long since overtaken desktop users; and with Google favouring mobile-friendly content it's now more important than ever to keep up to date with responsive web design. With our drag and drop content building tool, Pagebuilder, you can create great looking, responsive content with ease. Take a look at these inspiring examples and exclusive insight into new updates now available.

Launched in early 2015, Pagebuilder is the perfect way to build responsive content for your website. By using the responsive Pagebuilder pages (along with a responsive template) you’re boosting your chances of website success.

Do you want to know more about creating high impact, responsive content? If you missed our recent webinar with senior designer, Benjamin, you can watch the video over on YouTube!

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3 Inspiring Responsive Websites

Since the introduction of Pagebuilder, hundreds of beautiful, responsive and mobile-friendly sites have launched and new pages published. It’s been great to explore the ways Create users have utilised the tool, creating beautiful content - here are 3 inspiring examples to showcase the options available.

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1. Pretty Fabrics and Trims

Here we have a fantastic banner to showcase Pretty Fabrics and Trims hero images. Immediately under this, we have important information, like discount codes and the brands stocked. Sets of ‘Image & Text’ blocks with direct links to their shop pages fills the page. To finish they have added a featured product grid and set of 3 linked images. This homepage is beautiful, informative and offers customers a great user experience.

Pretty Fabrics and Trims homepage using pagebuilder

2. Cath Collins

Simplicity and perfection here on Cath Collins homepage. The use of high quality images in the homepage banner draws the customer in and onto their Shop. Displaying the categories on the homepage means the customer can instantly navigate to their chosen area. It is clean, stylish and well thought out, a mirror image of the products themselves.

Cath Collins homepage using pagebuilder

3. Hope & Love

The use of multiple ‘Image’ content blocks here has created a brilliantly uniformed look on Hope & Love’s homepage. By ensuring the images are high quality, and the same size, Hope & Loves customers can easily navigate their way around this fresh and visually vibrant homepage. By having ‘Image’ content blocks linked off to key products they maximise their traffic, straight the Shop.

Hope & Love's homepage using pagebuilder

Updates To Pagebuilder

‘Heading’ Content Block Sizes

Using headings provides a clear, visual hierarchy of the content of your page. Think of them as signposts for your visitors moving around your site. Your customers will move quickly so keeping these brief and to the point, this will let them know when they have arrived at their destination, or somewhere unexpected. There are now three different sizes to choose from when adding a ‘Heading’ block to your responsive Pagebuilder page. Choosing from the Default, Small and Large sizes allows for further customisation of your pages. Pick the size that suits your brand the best!

Banner Fade Transition

Banners allow you to grab a visitor's attention and showcase your products and services. You can highlight a key page of your site or promote a special offer. Using the Banner widget you can now choose from our new transition effect, and have your images fade in to each other seamlessly.

Images and Text Wrap

Adding an ‘Image and Text’ block has always created a fantastic visual for your customers right away, did you know you can choose to wrap the text around your image, and scale the size of the image itself? With this feature you can choose the position of your image in relation to the text, and scale the image as you wish.

Take a look at the Pagebuilder tips website for further ideas on how to customise your webpage.

Want to try something new? We'll be launching a new image gallery widget, which will be fully responsive for all device sizes. The new widget will be available later this year, but if you'd like to try it now we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with your Account Manager for further details.

Tell us about your Pagebuilder pages!

In its first year, Pagebuilder has advanced considerably and, along with the recent upgrade to the image editor, we are always looking to improve your website building experience. The examples in this blog are just a few ways in which you can create great looking responsive content - share your updates and websites with readers in the comments below!

Don't forget there's a video of our recent webinar on creating responsive content over on YouTube!

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The Easy Ways To Create Mobile-Friendly Content

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