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Today we're happy to invite Lara-Kate Jones from LK Pilates to talk about her work and her website. It's the fourth in a series of customer stories that showcase the range of businesses that choose to build and host their websites with Create. 

Hi Lara-Kate, tell us a bit about your work.

I am a Pilates teacher and run my own business, LK Pilates. Before I had my son, I was a trained dancer and dance teacher, teaching in Secondary schools in and around London. I presumed after I had my son that I would regain my pre-pregnancy fitness level fairly easily and quickly, but this was not the case! It was Pilates that really helped me get back into shape quickly and safely.

Now that I am a trained Pilates Teacher, specialising in pre- and postnatal Pilates, I wanted to provide an at-home service that specifically supports people that cannot easily get to a studio, such as new mothers. The sessions provided by LK Pilates really are tailor-made to the client as we deliver the sessions at the client’s house or office and at a time that is most suited to them.

After an initial consultation, we structure the sessions to meet their short and long-term goals. We're based in the ‘nappy valley’ borough of Wandsworth in London so many of the sessions require specialist pre or post natal techniques and exercises.

How's business going?

Business is going really well thank you. I was very anxious about starting up a new business as well as having a small child running around but I have been very pleasantly surprised at how well the business has grown. I really do put this down to good marketing and publicity. After the website went live, I had some business cards and flyers created, very much based on the website design, which really helped to promote the business and also provided a platform from which to direct people to the website.

I am a freelance teacher so I currently work for various private studios as well as running my own classes or one-to-one sessions at people’s houses. I have a number of one-to-one clients and small group sessions based at the client’s house that are shared amongst friends, which works really nicely as the atmosphere is very friendly and the clients are supportive of each other. It also brings the cost down per person, which is a bonus for them. So, it was great to be able to pass on a few business cards or flyers to them to help spread the word.

When did you join Create?

I joined Create in the Autumn of 2012 just before the launch of LKPilates. Kate Smith of Sarah Kate Designs did an absolutely amazing job on the design of my website using Create. Kate has now handed over the website editing responsibilities to me, and even as a bit of a technophobe I find it straightforward and easy to use whilst the finish is excellent and so professional.

I often have online discounts or offers which I change regularly and so require easy access to do so. I have had numerous compliments about the website, namely that it looks contemporary and professional-looking but with a friendly, intimate and unique feel. This generally sums up the ethos of the business too and is one of the reasons we chose Create as we thought it had the tools to design a website with these qualities.

LK Pilates screenshot

Has having an online presence helped your business?

Absolutely! The website has really helped to define my business and, whilst word-of-mouth is a key marketing tool for me, the website is the place I always direct people to if they would like more information about LK Pilates. In turn, my clients also refer their friends to the site and business goes from there!

I've found that even though my website only has four pages, I've been able to include a substantial amount of information, including the background of the business and myself, how the business works, information on classes and courses and costs, and a 'Contact Us' page which links directly to my email address. This has proved to be most useful.

There are also links to various social networking sites which has been another means of promoting the business. In time I would like to add more pages as the business grows but this has certainly been a great starting point.

What has LK Pilates got planned for the future?

I think people really appreciate the speed and ease of being able to find out information about classes online and then book a session there and then, so I would really like to expand the website to include a timetable system where clients can book and pay for their sessions online. I'd also like to offer a system whereby clients can purchase virtual sessions online, for them to use during the school holidays or at a time when they can’t make use of the ‘at-home’ service we provide.

In the long term, I’d love to open my own Pilates studio and offer dance classes as well!

Finally, is there anything you'd like to say to the Create team?

A big thank you! You have really helped give my business an identity. I have had numerous compliments regarding the appearance and accessibility of my website. The design package is very user friendly and I’m very impressed with the professional finish. I can’t wait to expand the website and move on to the next phase of the business plan!


Glad you like it, Lara-Kate! Good luck with your business and website, and thanks for telling us your Create Story!

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