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Create has helped over 35,000 people take their small businesses online since 2001. In that time, we’ve been there through thick and thin and have seen some of the challenges that these businesses face when trying to grow.

Advice on designing websites, setting up an ecommerce store, doing SEO and all sorts of other business and marketing topics are par for the course and we offer our experience and advice freely. 

There are thousands of incredible products, services and ideas provided by passionate business owners all across the country and all of them have what it takes to build a successful website. Getting found online, however, is a challenge for many.

This is how #WeBuySmall was born, as a way to connect small business owners with their audience and establish themselves in order to grow.


What Is #WeBuySmall?

#WeBuySmall Logo

#WeBuySmall is a campaign set up by Create to promote the products and services of small businesses everywhere. To give busy, passionate people the resources they need to grow and connect with a customer base that is eager to support the work of independent businesses. 

The campaign was launched early in October 2019 on Facebook. Initially the idea was to start a private group where shoppers could request the products and services they were looking for and be met with recommendations from the people who offer these. 

Within two months the campaign had already grown to over 1000 members in the Facebook community and we realised there was more to be done... 

We expanded to Twitter and Instagram and built the #WeBuySmall website to act as a hub for all the small business activity happening online. The #WeBuySmall Christmas Gift Guides have also been launched to showcase over 150 gorgeous products from independent businesses. 


What’s in store for 2020? 

Small Business Owner in Bike Shop Window

We want to make sure that the new decade is monumental for small businesses and full of opportunities around every corner. 

Plans are already under way for new Gift Guides to feature hundreds more products from independents and creators. With everything from Geeky Gadgets to Valentine’s heartwarmers. 

If you’re interested in featuring in any of the #WeBuySmall Guides, please submit your products through the online form >> 

In addition to the Guides, there are plans to talk with small business owners and shine a light on their journeys and the incredible work they are doing. 

We’re massively excited about what the future holds. What has been achieved so far has only been possible thanks to the support of the individuals and businesses who have joined us in spreading the word. It is now the members who are shaping the future of the initiative with their great ideas and contributions.

Here are some of the ways hundreds are already taking part in the campaign and you can too:


Join The Facebook Community 

WeBuySmall Facebook Header

If you’re active on Facebook, come and join the #WeBuySmall community. This is an online marketplace like no other where people request products and services to be provided with brilliant recommendations from small business owners. 

Not only that, but connections are being formed and small businesses are coming together to help each other grow their networks.

If you’re looking to connect with your audience and a larger network of like minded individuals, the #WeBuySmall group is a fantastic place to do so.

We’d love to see you there!


Use The #WeBuySmall Hashtag On Social Media

The #WeBuySmall Hashtag on Instagram

The #WeBuySmall hashtag on Twitter and Instagram has also been gaining popularity since the campaign’s inception. People are tagging their products and services and as a result, have created an incredible catalogue for potential buyers to browse through and discover what is available from independent businesses.

Each use of the hashtag helps to spread awareness, putting products front and center every time anyone refers someone to the hashtag.

If you haven’t yet had a look for yourself and need gift ideas, this is a fantastic way to find some truly beautiful and unique products!


Submit Your Products & Services To The #WeBuySmall Guides


The Christmas Gift Guides have become a huge part of the campaign with hundreds flocking to the website to browse for their seasonal shopping.

We are already on the lookout for new products to feature throughout 2020. Here are some of the Guides coming in the new year:

  • Spring Clean Essentials

  • Valentines 2020

  • Easter 2020

  • Anniversary Gift Guide

  • For The Garden

  • Craft Supplies

  • Geeky Gift Guide

You can submit your suggestions to any of these guides through the #WeBuySmall website, or put forward your own category suggestion for consideration!

Submit a Product to the #WeBuySmall Guides >>


Get Notified By #WeBuySmall About Small Business News

You can be the first to know about updates in the community by choosing to receive the #WeBuySmall newsletter

We’ll be sending out notifications relating to new Product Guide releases, submission opportunities, featured products, businesses and more.

It’s a great way to stay up-to-date with what’s happening and discover new ways to participate and grow your business through the campaign. You can make sure you never miss an update by using the form below.


Keep Up with the #WeBuySmall Campaign

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Thank you to all of you who have participated in the campaign so far. We’ve seen massive support for small businesses over this hugely busy time of year. It’s only through you that the campaign has managed to grow and succeed in the way it has already. Here’s to an exciting and prosperous new year for small businesses!

Visit the #WeBuySmall Website >>