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Design Studio

We're delighted to announce the launch of our all new Design Studio today. Along with a brand new set of tools to create the look you want, the Design Studio includes a raft of fantastic mobile friendly, responsive templates for you to choose from.

Over the last week we've been gradually making the Design Studio available for current customers to switch to and, as a continuation of this rollout, if you are currently using Create's FREE trial you now also have the opportunity to switch over.

We've been super excited to see some of the fantastic new looks being created, here's a few that caught our eye - we hope you find them an inspiration!

Navy Bay Jewellery

With it's clean white styling it's clear that showcasing the product was a critical factor during the design of Navy Bay Jewellery. Creator Kate Staddon shared a little bit more about her design process with us earlier this week.

"After trying out a few different templates, I chose Ventana. It is simple, neat and straightforward to navigate - whatever device you are viewing it on. I like the way I can have a simple graphic and logo at the top, a clear site menu just below and my payment gateway details and social links at the base. As my social channels are really important to me, I like how much Create accounts for this in their designs."

"I never imagined that I would be able to design from scratch, a site, that I have been told by so many looks so professional and is easy to navigate. In a few easy steps the new Design Studio allows you to set up the basic aspects of your site; the layout template, colour scheme, icon styles, logo, header and button styles. It really couldn't be easier to use and I especially like how smart the interface looks."

Navy Bay Jewellery

Check out Kate's site at


Simply Masquerade 

Mask seller Carl Harvey originally launched his stunning site Simply Masquerade back in 2007 and over the years, it's gone through a number of transformations. He's worked hard to create it's luxurious and ornate feel to showcase the intricacies of the venetician masks he sells. Carl was an early adopter of the Design Studio and told us how much he has enjoyed rebuilding his site to be mobile friendly.

"The new design studio is so easy to use that anybody can now get their site looking how they wish. We've been seeing an increase in visitors coming to our site on mobile and tablet devices and this is a really exciting development which is enabling us to provide an experience tailored to them.

The new Design Studio is a huge leap forward and I've found myself swapping between ALL the new templates over the last week or so. For now, I've settled on "Feather" as it suits my design theme of simple but classy and I've created a black colour scheme to work with my dark imagery.

Simply Masquerade

Check out Carl's site at


Little Brown Dog Workshop

We love Christmas time and the Little Brown Dog Workshop is getting into festive spirits. With a range of handmade products, bespoke creations, a range of workshops and christmas products starting to enter the scene, the website design is especially important in bringing all these together. For workshop owner Susan Coates the choice of colour to theme and nestle the products wraps everything together. 

"I wanted to set out a strongly image-based front page but it was important to me to keep my brand colours and header - 'Picnic' gave me the ideal balance.

Analytics show more and more of my customers using mobile browsers and it was time to update my site with much stronger images. The new Design Studio let me work out just how the website would behave on different platforms and it makes it so much easier to see exactly what effect your edits have as you go."

Little Brown Dog Workshop

Check out Susan's site at

We hope you enjoy the new Design Studio and don't forget to share your website in the blog comments below, we'd love to see what you're creating!

If you've not made the switch to the new Design Studio yet, when you next log in to your Create account, click on "Design" on the top menu and then on the link "Switch to the new Design Studio" which you'll see in a bar at the top of your template.

Give it a whirl and as always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager who will be happy to help!


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