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Pagebuilder - Responsive Website Content Maker

"Pagebuilder" is a fantastic feature which enables you to build more responsive content for your Create site.

Build mobile-friendly web page by dragging and dropping content and building your pages using content blocks. It also enables you to add and edit widgets in situ, making it quick and easy to create page and maintain updates.

Here are our favourite users who showcase the tool at its best.

Ladies Who Love

Set up by Catherine Dunning in 2008, Ladies Who Love is an events organiser creating evening gatherings and days out to places like RHS Hampton Court Flower Show and Buckingham Palace. Catherine was an early adopter of the Pagebuilder and told us how much she had enjoyed using it to rebuild her site into a mobile friendly experience.

"We started out with Create with just one website... now we have 4 of them! Since trying out Pagebuilder we love Create just that little bit more - it's SO much easier to use than the traditional way of creating 'normal' pages and the thing we're most happy about? No more tables!

We love the new drag and drop function and it's much easier to style your own page 'template'. I've re-designed our main pages and it makes for a much crisper, cleaner, more professional look.

We switched to a responsive template recently and with Pagebuilder we now don't have to worry about making sure elements like images, optimise for mobile viewing - Pagebuilder does all the hard work for you; it's brilliant!”

Ladies Who Love's website using pagebuilder

Check out Catherine's site at

Working Glass Jewellery

Nina Parker creates unusual, contemporary jewellery inspired by the gardens, hedgerows and coastline around her home and studio in the Dorset countryside. The design of her website is especially important in bringing the themes of her jewellery together and she’s found Pagebuilder has enabled her to adopt a more flexible approach to updates.

"Pagebuilder's simple drag and drop interface enables me to place information exactly where I want it, quickly, effectively and not least, easily. No fiddling about with tables.

I don't have to think twice about updating the website. If I have updates to make, I can simply drop them into the relevant content blocks without disturbing the rest of the website page. Then I publish the page and head over to promote the changes on social media. I can do all that in the time it takes to drink the first coffee of the day.

As a result, Pagebuilder enables me to have a fully responsive website with far less effort and give the website content a freshness and immediacy that hopefully means customers keep popping back to see what's new. And I have more time to get on with the jewellery. Thank you Create."

Working Glass Jewellery Website using pagebuilder

Check out Nina's site at

Cocoa and Heart

We asked chocolate and bread making extraordinaire Magdalena Marsden about how she had used Pagebuilder to rebuild her content and what her considerations had been around the process as she was keen to maintain her existing layouts and page designs.

"I was initially quite apprehensive about using the Pagebuilder. My website is very complex and originally built using tables and grids. I knew I had to move my website to a mobile template and the best way to re-create the content layout was to use the Pagebuilder.

The Pagebuilder itself was really easy to use and allowed me to do what I wanted with my website. I’m looking forward to the next set of updates and new features.”

Cocoa and Heart website using pagebuilder

Check out Magdalena’s site at

Want to hear more about how our team planned and developed this feature? Check out this blog post from one of the projects developers, Aidan.

Ready to give it a try? You'll find the new page type next time you log in to your Create account by clicking on "Add New Page/Section" from the left-hand menu in the "Content" area; and as always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact your Account Manager who will be happy to help!

Pagebuilder page

Read our HelpCentre guide "What is Pagebuilder?" for more details about the feature.

We hope you enjoy using Pagebuilder and please do share the pages you've built in the blog comments below, we'd love to see what you're making!

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