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Freebie Friday is a social media giveaway we run here at Create - it's a great way to showcase our customer products whilst also driving new visitors and sales to their website and social channels. Want to reach new visitors? Get involved with #FreebieFriday!


This year Freebie Friday has gone from strength to strength, getting as many as 600 entries for a single weekend giveaway! This is not only great for showcasing a new product but also an easy way to reach a new audience and get some fresh eyes looking at your site.

We caught back up with a couple of our more recent Create customer participants to see what impact Freebie Friday had on their business. Read on to find out what they had to say.


Image of earrings with the text WIN! showing facebook data 

Create website, Rock Paper Silver are fabulous jewellery designers who make unique illustrative works of art! If you are after a one of a kind handmade piece, then look no further. We were lucky enough to giveaway the fabulous arrowhead earrings as part of the Freebie Friday giveaway. With over 500 entries, let’s find out if the giveaway had any impact on their visits and sales:

It felt like there was a real buzz throughout the whole weekend of the Freebie Friday giveaway, right up to the close of the competition. It was really great to see people’s comments about my work and products and very exciting to see how well my jewellery was received.

I was really pleased to see an increase in visitors to my shop and I have noticed new visitors each week since the giveaway. I also gained more likes on my Facebook page which is great as it is something I have only just launched.

I did notice an increase in sales since the giveaway and traffic has to my site also increased. Since the giveaway I have also been approached by local businesses and will be doing my first Artisan Fair in November, so it feels like the competition came at the perfect time. :)

Thanks so much for sharing Rock Paper Silver! Be sure to give their Facebook page a “Like” and keep up to date with their new products and news.


Another fabulously popular giveaway we held as part of Freebie Friday was from the brilliant Bramble Rose!

Pictures of a bunny and Facebook shares and likes results  

Bramble Rose are a family business specialising in beautifully personalised gifts. We were most fortunate to be able to give away a lovely personalised bunny rabbit as part of Freebie Friday and it had a fantastic response with over 370 entries! To find out if the competition was useful for this Create website, take a look at their experience below:

It was very easy to participate in the Freebie Friday giveaway and was wonderful to see such a fantastic response and read the lovely comments left by people who were new to Bramble Rose!

Our Facebook page most certainly had an increase in 'Likes' during the giveaway. It was a great opportunity to reach new potential customers who wouldn't have seen Bramble Rose otherwise!

We had several sales that were due exclusively to Freebie Friday, people saw the product we were giving away and loved what we do. Those that weren't lucky enough to be the overall winner went on to make purchases themselves anyway which is great!

A huge thanks to Bramble Rose for shedding light on their Freebie Friday Experience! Give their Facebook page a "Like" and keep up to date with their wonderful personalised gift ideas.

We really enjoy hosting the Freebie Friday and we hope you enjoy it too! 

Image of a cake window display with the text #createpicks

Are you a Create customer and want to get involved? Send us your lovely products over to and we will be able to take a look.

Alternatively, post a link to your product on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #createpicks; we would love to take a look! We will even promote your product outside of the competition when using this hashtag. Be sure to check out the Create Instagram for some great ways on how to get involved with #createpicks. :)

Not a Create customer yet? Set up your website with our FREE trial and get involved! We'd love to feature your products when you're ready so just get in touch.

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