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Selling online can provide a lucrative income, but perhaps you feel you are not a traditional ecommerce trader?

In this blog we'll be looking at innovative ways in which the Create Community have used Create's shop checkout to boost their business and give you some ideas for how you could apply this to your own.

Summer might only just have arrived but for many online retailers Christmas is already on its way. Why not start a new adventure and get your Create online shop up and running now? Below are some great examples of Create members who have used their shop in new and exciting ways:


Rosalind Miller Cakes Sells Cake Masterclasses

Rosalind Miller Cakes

Rosalind from Rosalind Miller Cakes uses her Create shop to sell her 'Cake Masterclasses', where you can learn to bake and ice the perfect cupcakes. Using the shop to offer these classes is a fantastic use of the Shop Checkout, as it means you can take the payment in advance and offer only a limited number of spaces to your classes. It also means you can offer a range of classes for every occasion.

Rosalind Miller“The simple setup of the Create shop has allowed us to sell our Masterclasses very effectively online.

It enabled us to make it very clear and easy to navigate, and gives our customers confidence in their purchases.

We get a mixture of customers buying for themselves and for others as presents.”

Paperjoy Offers Free Gift Wrapping as a Product

Little Joy Free Gift Wrapping

Kerry from Paperjoy offers her customers free gift wrapping for every purchase and lists this wrapping as a extra product at a price of £0.00. This is a fantastic way to use your shop, as you can offer a range of additional services with every product and customise these services. For example, you could list each type of ribbon and wrapping paper available and include images of the wrapped products.

Kerry Joy Allwood"I find it's paramount to find innovative ways to engage with customers, especially when you are competing in such a saturated market place online. You've got to offer something different and go that extra mile!

This is why I decided to offer a free gift wrapping service. I wanted to ensure it was an easy option to select and so I added it to my shop as a free product.”



Pretty Fabrics & Trims Sells 'Make It' Kits Linked To a Craft Blog

Pretty Fabrics and Trims Make It Kits

Sarah at Pretty Fabrics & Trims uses her Create Shop to offer 'Make It' kits for the fantastic designs she blogs about. With all the materials measured and ready to go, this encourages her customers to take the first step while promoting her blog at the same time!

“Our 'Make it' project packs, which accompany the 'Make it' projects on our blog have been very popular. We have found that many customers who purchase these 'taster' packs return at a later date to purchase more products from our standard ranges.”

These are just a few ways users have redefined what is meant by a traditional 'shop checkout'. Take a look at your business website - is there a way you could be using your shop to offer visitors added value?

It's easy to set up a Create shop if you already have a website with us. Take a look at our short guide on Create HelpCentre, 'How Do I Set Up My Shop?' to find out more.

If you're already using Create's powerful shop system in an unique way, why not let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet at @create?

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