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SEO Tips logoDid you know that the quality of your writing greatly affects the Search Engine Optimisation of your website? In this post we outline our tips for making sure that the copy across your website is well-optimised, helpful to your customers and informative to Google.

Although your tags and meta tags and header tags and the like are well-equipped to help out with your website's SEO, one of the best ways improve your search engine ranking is simply to write great content.

What Makes Great Content?

Obviously one person’s view of 'great content' may be different from another’s, but when it comes to what the search engines think, there are some elements of content (such as spelling, grammar, punctuation and keyword frequency) that aren’t so subjective. Search engines will take these factors, along with a great many others, into consideration when they rank your website.

A good guideline for what kind of content you should feature is to always consider what your customer wants, are you properly fulfilling a customers expectation of what should be on the page? That content on the page could be in the form of information about a product, contact details, reviews, advice, tips, exclusive offers or company history. 

Make sure that each page on your website has a specific purpose and that you are using copy that fulfills it.

Think about Spelling and Grammar

Use spellcheck when reviewing your copy, you want to be a well-regarded source for whatever product or service you are selling and Google will follow wherever users are going. By building up a strong customer base with regular visitors, it is likely that you will improve and maintain search engine ranking positions.

Be sure to proofread your copy before it goes live, as you’ll be very aware of the mistakes it’s easy to make.

Mistakes really do happen to the best of us.

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Flex Your Writing Muscles

The secret to really good copy is learning to write well. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to pick up on common mistakes when every little error gets fixed for you, sometimes without your knowledge! Try not to rely on auto-correct and instead, take the opportunity to fix your own mistakes and judge your copy for yourself. This will make you a more confident writer and ensure that you’re providing good quality content to your site visitors and in turn, to search engines.

Implications of Copy on Search Engines

Along with spelling, grammar and punctuation, search engines (in particular Google, with its ‘Panda’ update) will easily recognise when content is deliberately crammed with keywords with the aim of artificially enhancing the site’s SEO. The recommended level of keyword usage in text is about 1 or 2%. This means that your main keyword should appear no more than four or five times in a 400-word piece. By all means use related keywords too, but it’s best not to use them so much that they muddy the quality of the written piece.

How We Can Help

Thankfully, with Create it’s easy to update your site regularly, so even if you do spot an 'its' where there should be an 'it’s', or if your text is all ‘keyword keyword keyword’, you’re able to log in and make these changes in a matter of moments.

Let us know what challenges you face when writing content for your site or share with us your pet writing peeves in the comments below.

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