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Winning awards in your industry can be a huge help to your online business. Not only will you be able to gracefully gloat at your next industry event, but the benefits to the promotion of your work are excellent.

Not only will you be listed alongside other worthy winners and trusted suppliers and promoted by the awards organisers (free publicity, yay!) but very often you'll come away with a snazzy logo to proudly pop onto your website.

The trick to winning awards is knowing which awards to enter and how to go about it. Below I'll be looking at some amazing awards to enter in the parenting industry and talking to the award winners themselves, who are full of incredible tips to help you get your parent and baby business seen by all the right people!

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Loved By Parents (LBP)

£100 submission fee per product. Up to three products submittable per company.

Loved By Parents Awards screenshot

Loved By Parents is a website designed to help parents right from the word “Go”. With helpful tips on potty training to product reviews and blog recommendations, Loved By Parents prides itself on its fresh and modern approach to parenting.

With this fantastic resource comes the Loved By Parents Awards! These popular awards cover a range of products from “Best Musical Toy” to “Best Ethical Product” and are a seal of approval from LBP. And with over 21,000 followers on Twitter, who wouldn't want their seal of approval?

To enter these awards you simply need to fill in an online form, choose the three categories you wish to be nominated for and submit a sample of your product.

Although this year's LBP Awards have closed you can read more about them here and start getting ready for next year's awards! 

Baby And Nursery Trade Awards (BANTA)

£75 + VAT per entry. Only open to BPA members.

BPA website screenshot

The BANTA awards were created by the Baby Products Association (BPA) who are a committee dedicated to promoting products in the Baby and Nursery sector. The committee itself is made up of industry experts and specialists and plays a strong role in the development of product standards. In addition to this they also provide fantastic support for members and really are a voice for the sector.

The great thing about the BPA is you can join the committee too! Click here for more information about signing up with the BPA.

If you are a member of the BPA (price of subscription is variable depending on your company's turnover) you can enter the BANTA awards, which were created to recognise outstanding products in the baby and nursery sector. These awards are open to companies exhibiting at the Harrogate Nursery Fair and are split into eight categories, from “Wheeled Goods” to “Sleep Accessories”. To enter these awards you simply need to fill in a form on the BPA website before the show nominating your products and detailing why you think you deserve to win. You also need to submit an image and pay a fee to enter these awards.

Like the LBP awards, the BANTA awards have already been awarded for this year, but keep an eye on their website to find out about next year's awards.

Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Magazine Awards

Less than £100 per entry.

Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards screenshot

MadeForMums is a website that aims to educate new mums-to-be on everything they need to know, from the hottest products to great places to eat. It provides a great community forum in which new mums can meet friends and share their experiences.

The award that this website offers is the Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Award, which is awarded by their printed publication Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Magazine. These awards have over 67 categories and aims to show mums which products are the best quality and value for money.

To enter these awards you simply need to download the entrants' pack and fill in the form, sending it off to the address included. There is also a fee for entering these awards.

Tips From The Winners

Now we have heard about the awards let's hear from some members of the Create community who have won them!


First we have Jenny McLaughlan whose company Gumigem has won an array of awards. These include the LBP's “Best Innovative Idea” 2012 and Silver Award 2013, as well as being a finalist in the Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards 2012. Jenny is keen to share her experience with other Create users so here are her top tips!

Jenny McLaughlan

"First off you need a fab product or business, but the competition is tough and you have to make the shortlist.

"During the initial application stage, the most important thing is to BRAG! Not in our nature I know, but you have to sell yourself, so don’t be shy in listing all your achievements and your products' qualities.

"If you then make the shortlist and it's down to voting, promote, promote, promote! But don't overdo and turn people off. Always remember to ask nicely, but use every means necessary to get all the votes you can. Email friends and family, use social media channels and SPELL OUT what they need to do and make it simple for them. This means including a really strong 'call to action' and a link.

"If people are good enough to take the time to help you out, don't forget to thank them! And if you win, celebrate with them and do a little competition or discount code so they feel rewarded for their efforts."


Another Create user who has had success with these awards is Sara Keel. Her business Babycup has been shortlisted for 2013 BANTA awards as well as being the winner of LBP's “Best Feeding Accessory” 2013 so let's get the inside info from Sara!

Babycup“Awards are a great way of getting your product known about and showing your potential customers that your product is worthwhile. Most awards demand a fee for submitting your entry so do consider carefully which award would best suit your product and your market.

"Have a good look at previous winners and get a feel for what works well in each awards scheme. Don't be disheartened if you see lots of big brands dominating the winners' podiums - it doesn't mean a newcomer can't make it. If your product is good and your message is clear, you stand just as much chance.

"Consider your wording carefully when filling in the entry forms, and make sure the samples you submit not only look the business but are packaged well and are going to arrive in mint condition, just as you would for a customer order!

"Think about your point of difference and make it clear. Is there a little quirk or something special you can highlight? Does your photography do your product and your message justice? Don't leave entries until the last minute and avoid rushing your wording. If in doubt, ask a friend or family member to read it through and sense check it for you. Even better, ask someone who doesn't know your product to read it through and tell you what message they took from it. Remember the team doing the initial readthroughs may never have heard of your product and they need to be able 'get it' immediately.

"Getting shortlisted is a great result and winning is great news - these accolades offer a wonderful chance to shout abut your fab new product. In only a short space of time Babycup already has a number of great awards badges to its name. This is extremely encouraging, motivating and helps tell our story of why every baby and toddler needs Babycup. Good luck and keep the faith!”

At Create we're always excited to spread the word about the successes of our members, so if you've won an award get in touch with us on Twitter @create!

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