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Today we're hearing from Rebekah Harriman, a social media consultant & coach who specialises in working with creative businesses. Short video is an emerging tool for small businesses and with networks like Vine and Instagram you can be creative and informative in an instant! Over to you, Rebekah...

Video is a very valuable marketing tool for small business owners. It’s great for your SEO and it gets shared more frequently than other media. Customers are also more likely to trust testimonials on video than in writing as they are much harder to fake or make up and actually demonstrating a product helps consumers feel confident in their purchase.

Recently it has also got much easier to make fun, quirky and very short videos with phone apps like Vine and Instagram. These mean you can make a 6 second (on Vine) or 15 second (on Instagram) video from your phone and share it really quickly. Plus the fact they are so short makes it a lot less scary to start doing than, say, a 5-minute product demonstration!

Here’s why you should give it a go:


Visual marketing (i.e. sharing photos and videos) appeals to emotions and can strike a chord with people, even crossing cultures. Because of this it is much more easily shared and increases the reach (the number of potential people who will see your post on a network). It also links in with your existing networks really simply, increasing your reach further.

It’s really easy to use

Download the app, record and instantly share straight to your current networks as well as within the apps themselves. No editing software, no fancy equipment - just your phone and some planning beforehand.


As I said above, short video is very easily watched and shared. In fact, 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. People are also more likely to click 'like' or comment, too. The more engagement you can achieve, the more likely you are to build relationships with these people and turn them into customers.

Short Video Ideas

Still nervous about dipping your toes into the online pool of video? Think how much you use YouTube to find out how to do something, or watch a short video on Facebook that’s funny, or even watch a welcome video on someone’s website (like on mine) to find out a bit more about what that person or business is actually like. 15 second videos that you can just share within a small network to start off with are a very safe introduction to using video. It is only 15 seconds - not a full on professionally shot corporate video, after all! 

To get you started, here are a few ideas for kinds of short video that you can make today:

Make a look book

Use an app like Flipagram to put together a mini portfolio of your work. This one doesn’t even involve you recording a video!

A mini product demo

Make a short demonstration of your product. It could be a way to tie a scarf you’ve made or one of your cards being put into an envelope – it doesn’t have to be very detailed. Invite people to ask you questions in the comments.

Give a tour

Whether it’s of your shop, gallery, studio, office or your kitchen table – wherever it is you work - people like to see the human side to your business.

Introduce your fellow workers

In my case that’s my two dogs, two cats and six hens (although they are down the garden)! But even if yours are of the human variety, 15 seconds of them waving and saying 'hi' gives people a small insight into your business. Cute pets are always good for the occasional lift, though!

Descriptions & Hashtags

Be sure to give your videos relevant descriptions and hashtags before you post them, to help them get found on the networks. Share them to Facebook and Twitter, embed them on your website (instructions how to do this can be found here) but above all have some fun with it! Your sense of enjoyment will show through in your videos.

I hope this has encouraged you to have a go at incorporating short videos in your social media marketing plans. It really is worth it for the reach and, quite honestly, the fun factor! If you’ve got any questions about how to use short videos to help your business stand out then ask below in the comments and please do share your videos too!

Based in North Shropshire but with a national client base, Rebekah Harriman has been working with social media since before it was cool (around 2005) and established, Creative & Authentic Social Media, 5 years ago to help small business owners get their voices head online without it taking over their lives!


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