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Posted By Rebecca Kimber

Discount Code PlusCustomers love nothing more than a special discount! Perhaps it's a seasonal giveaway to your mailing list or a congratulations to a competition winner. Whatever the reason, discount codes are a great way to promote your site, achieve brand loyalty and increase sales.

Create's new update 'Discount Codes Plus' gives you more control than ever before over how a discount code can be redeemed in your Create store.


Discount Codes Plus

Discount Codes Plus screenshot

So What Is It?

Discount Codes Plus provides you with a number of new additional settings which give you more control over how a discount code will be redeemed against your products in your Create store. If you already have discount codes set up, you can apply these new criteria by editing the one you wish to update and then saving your changes. 

What Can It Do For Me?

You can set up each discount code using just one of these new options or a combination of all of them! The new options are:

  • Specify which products a discount code can be redeemed against.
  • Set discount codes to apply to your customer's basket when they have spent a minimum or a maximum amount, or when they have spent between a minimum and maximum amount!
  • Limit the number of times a discount code can be redeemed.
  • Set a cap on the amount discounted on a percentage-based discount.

Where Can I Find Out More?

For more information on setting up your discount codes, read our handy guide here.


Please consult the Create HelpCentre or your Account Manager for more information.

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