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Multiple Product ImagesNothing can show off the best of your products as much as high-quality images and if a single image can say a thousand words then Create's Multiple Product Images feature.

This major improvement to your Create website also includes an update which means you can upload large high-definition images for use with your products as well as brand new, mobile-ready product and category templates.

Images are proven to have a large positive impact on ecommerce conversions;

Multiple Product Images

Multiple Product Images in action!

So What Is It?

Multiple product images allows your customers to browse a variety of different images of your products as well as focus on particular selling points. This is an improvement to your customer's browsing experience which is proven to increase sales conversions.

A brand new Create account interface for uploading and editing your product images is included for every account level as well as drag-and-drop capability for account levels with multiple images.

It's also a mobile-ready website experience for product pages that includes a fully responsive lightbox and gallery system to make the most of your product images.

What Can It Do For Me?

With Multiple Product Images you can:

  • Assign multiple images to a single product to provide your customers with a better browsing experience.
  • Upload large, high-definition product images to show off the best of your products.
  • Choose from one of two brand new mobile-ready product or category templates.
  • Automatically create product thumbnails or upload your own custom images.

Where Can I Find Out More? 

For more information on the new Multiple Product Images feature please take a look at our HelpCentre guide, 'How To Add Multiple Images To Your Product'. 

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