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Are you brimming with ideas and passion for your own business, but need to be able to balance it with a 9-5 job?

It might seem like an ambitious project - it is! But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Juggling your own business with a full time job plus all the extra stresses of family life can be exhausting, so here are our tips on how to make it as manageable - and enjoyable - as possible.


Be passionate

You need to be sure of what you want to achieve with your business. Identify your passion - any business is more likely to succeed and bring you happiness if you’re passionate about the product, rather than just chasing the money.

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Set out goals

Set short and long term goals to motivate you when there’s no boss there to tell you what to do! Ask yourself why you want your own business. Is it to spend more time with your family? To choose your own hours? To have an outlet for your creativity? Work out what motivates you and focus on that.

TIP: Set out daily, weekly and monthly goals and work towards completing them one at a time. Maybe in the first week you want to have made a few solid blog posts and have reached 100 subscribers interested in your launch, by month one have established an online presence and have made 10 sales, by month two have doubled in size and so on. You’ll find that if you start with small goals and tackle them one at a time, they will naturally become more and more ambitious.

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Really leave your 9-5 at 5

You need to separate yourself from your job so you can fully immerse yourself in your business. Don’t come home from work and open your computer straight away. Relax, unwind, spend time with the kids, watch some TV - anything that helps shed the stresses of the day before you get to work again.


Treat it like another job - with set hours

Make yourself a schedule and stick to it. Maybe choose 2-3 hours in the evening where you know you’ll be 100% in the zone. Then switch off like you would with your other job. 


Create a zen workstation

One advantage of working from home is that you can customize your workspace. Make yourself a cup of tea, sit in your favourite corner, light candles, put on some soothing music - whatever you need to make your home as relaxing and comfortable as possible for working.

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Be happy!

Ultimately your own happiness should be your priority. Juggling full time work with your own business is an amazing achievement but you deserve a break. Set aside time every day to relax and unwind away from your computer - you deserve it!


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