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Put yourself in your customers' shoes: it's the start of the month and you've decided to scout the internet for bargains - after all, everyone deserves a treat! You stumble across the perfect watch, made just for you, and you immediately click “Add to Basket”.

You then pop straight through to the checkout, only to find the postage cost takes your order to more than you would like.

With a sigh of disappointment you abandon your purchase, hopeful that another website will offer a better postage option.

This happens a lot more than you might think. In fact, last year 73% said that free postage is the most important factor in a shop checkout.

Offering Free Postage

Figures like these are part of the reason we would strongly suggest including your postage price within the price of your product. Although this makes your products seem more expensive to begin with, free postage is something that is it proven to help convert browsing into orders and is extremely popular with customers. It makes them feel valued and ensures they know exactly how much they are paying from the start of their experience.

Free Postage blog quoteIt is something many large companies such as Debenhams, Amazon and ASOS offer, and for those of you who use Royal Mail it's a great way to get around their new prices!

To offer free postage within your Shop all you need to do is add the postage cost you incur to the price of your product. Check out our guide on 'How to set up free postage over a certain amount' and set the 'Free postage on orders over' field to a very low amount while doing so.

Although this means your products will cost a little more, the offer of free postage is enough to encourage the customer through to the checkout to make their order!

If you have free postage available on your website this is certainly something to shout about and there are many ways to advertise it. The most popular and cost-effective way is to pop a 'FREE POSTAGE' or 'FREE DELIVERY' image on your homepage, perhaps as a side column item or at the top of the page. This will give a great first impression of your website and get them ready to start shopping. 

Our Customer Experiences

Not quite sure yet? Take a look below, where we asked Create users what they thought about offering their customers free postage.

3 Blonde Bears"Quite simply we have a higher conversion rate by not adding the cost of standard UK mainland postage to our orders. In fact the customer does pay for postage as we factor this into our costprices but the customer sees a round pound price point with free standard delivery, which normally makes it really easy for them to convert from a browser to a transactional shopper. We do however add a charge for internationals and express delivery and do have a growing market for both these areas."

Jo, 3 Blonde Bears 



Midnight Society"Postage is often the tipping point for me personally as once I've decided to part with my hard-earned cash, it's always painful to add on the extras at the end. That's exactly why we offer free postage and it's been a huge hit with our customers! Plus, everyone loves free stuff!" 

Heather, Midnight Society




If you're not sure about offering free postage why not trial a free postage discount code for a limited time? This will encourage more customers to place bigger orders and make the most of it before this offer ends!

Lockie and Lulu“Providing our customers with free postage discount codes has been a great way to improve sales, increase website traffic and build relationships with returning customers. Offering free postage shows that you are putting the customers first. We always receive positive feedback from anyone who uses our free postage codes and it feels very rewarding knowing that your customers are happy.

Alison, Lockie and Lulu


So there you have it. 'Free Postage' is easy to set up and a proven reason for online shoppers to buy from your store. Just remember that if you offer it, you should shout about it.

If you ever have any questions or would like any more advice on offering free postage we are always here to help, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager!

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