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You would think everyone is gifted-out over the last month and couldn’t possibly think of buying another. Single. Thing. However, we know that’s not the case – the January sale is not just a chance for consumers to grab a last minute bargain, it’s become a yearly event. Take this chance to capitalise on increased online spending and make way for the New Year. To help you run a successful and useful sale here's our tips to make sure you’re doing just that.


Have You Thought About The Logistics?

First things first, think about how much time you realistically have to manage the sale and orders after Christmas. How soon would you start dispatching and sending off the goods?

Another thing to consider is when to start the sale and how long you will be willing to run it for. Most high-street retail stores start their sales on Boxing day, but you’re an online shop so you could start Christmas morning or as soon as the clock strikes midnight!

Use our Scheduled Sales tool to plan ahead and save time during this busy period. Set a start and an end date on the sale - this is important to have and to stick to as you want your sale to have a sense of urgency.

If you can get everything prepared beforehand you should be able to just sit back and watch the orders come in.


What Do You Want From The Sale?

In order to run a genuine sale that instills excitement in your shoppers, but also benefits you, it’s important to review what you would like to achieve from the sale. Are you looking to gain new customers, entice repeat custom, or get rid of old stock? Maybe all of those!

With this in mind you can start thinking about the products you want to put on sale - perhaps all the end-of-season treasures, or stock that just won't seem to shift. You may also want to use the increased visits to your advantage and show off your New Year, fresh stock.

Additionally, this could be the time to use that mailing list and connect with previous customers. Make them feel rewarded with an exclusive "Early Bird" discount code for first grabs at your sale, and keep them interested with what's "New In!".


What Discounts Will You Offer?

This depends on your margins and the aim of your sale. You should be aiming to catch the shopper’s attention and so a sale of 20-30% can be very enticing, especially if there is a short time limit.

Consider what will work towards your January sale goal; a large discount will certainly catch the customer’s eye and increase traffic to your site. 

Should you ever offer items below cost? Although this seems unnatural, you might consider this if there is lingering stock you really want rid of. It's worth weighing up the cost of keeping old stock as this could be taking up your valuable product space. Remember you are paying to display and showcase your stock, so rather than waiting and hoping for the right customer to come along and buy it, make room for your New Year items.


How Will You Market The Sale?

If your customers have subscribed to your newsletter, prepare an email to go out Christmas Day or Boxing Day morning. Email marketing is a powerful engagement strategy and if well thought through, could ensure a high-open rate and drive urgency to your sale. There's an array of resources online to help you construct an email that "sells" - the email subject line will be the first thing they see so start by checking out Phrasee's report and examples on email subject lines that really work.

If you’re active on social media schedule Facebook and Twitter updates about your sale and keep the momentum going with quick responses through the discounted period. Bring it to an end with a countdown and a Call To Action for the “Final Few Hours!”.

Consider how you will promote the January sale on your website. Just as you might have adapted your website with a Christmas theme, showcase your sale items or category and get your buyers excited to enter your site. Show off a new seaon sale with our Free New Year Sale Banner or add our Eye-Catching Sale Graphics to your products. Make sure the sale is easily accessible and the focus of your site – the January sale is one of the busiest shopping periods for you to take advantage of.


We’d love to hear how you’re preparing for the January sales in the comments below. If you have any questions at all or would like help preparing your sale please get in touch with your Account Manager.

I already have a list of sites I’ll be visiting in the New Year. Yours is probably on someone’s, too!

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