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If everyone else is being increasingly wary about spam, how you do make sure that the emails you're sending to your customers aren't suffering the same fate? We have put together a 

How to Avoid Website Contact Form Spam

Spammers have developed robots known as ‘spambots’, which are computer programs that can automatically trawl the internet sending spam massages via contact forms on websites.

Fortunately with Create you have the option to switch on a verification code on your contact form known as a 'CAPTCHA'.

A CAPTCHA randomly generates a code which helps to determine that a human is trying to send your form, and not a robot, thus helping to keep your order and customer query inbox nice and spam free.

Protect Your Outgoing Emails 

Having a filter on your email is a great way to stop your inbox being filled up with spam, but it can sometimes be over-vigilant, rerouting genuine emails into your junk folder.

To help prevent the emails you send to your customers from going into their spam folders, try to follow these guidelines when sending emails.

Watch out for your subject line

You should always include a subject line on your outgoing emails, but try to avoid popular spam phrases like ‘big sale’ or ‘great opportunity’ which, as much as you know how accurate and eye-catching they are, will likely be picked up by the recipient’s spam filter. Try to make sure that the subject is relevant to the content of the email, and think of a creative and original way of phrasing it.

Avoid Sending Large Attachments

Never send attachments to your customers unless they are expecting them, but if you must, avoid sending .exe, .swf and .zip files. Where possible, send only .pdf, .jpg or .png files.

Check Your Own Email Settings

In your email settings, try to have your actual name or company name set up as your “First Name” and “Last Name”, so that the recipient knows the email is from a trusted source.

Grammar Tips:

  • Don't repeat the word ‘free’ too many times in your email.
  • Don't use ALL CAPS anywhere in your email at all.
  • Don't use too many different coloured fonts in the message.
  • Only use one exclamation point at a time. I’m not joking!!!

The bonus is that if you follow the above rules, not only should your emails avoid your customers’ spam filters but it will ensure that you’re sending good quality emails too.

Reporting Spammers and Online Fraudsters

If you've been the victim of an online fraudster, you can report it to the UK Action Fraud website to help the police build up a database which will contribute to making the UK safer from internet fraudsters.

When you report a incident to Action Fraud, you can also choose to have your details passed on to Victim Support, which is a national charity helping those affected by crime. If you take this option, you will then be contacted by someone from the charity and offered free and confidential emotional support and practical help.

We hope these tips help you to stay safe online and have a clearer, happier inbox. If you have had any experience with online fraudsters or have some tips on staying spam free - please share them below.

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Junk Mail photograph © Patrick Mackie, via Wikimedia Commons

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