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Your new site is looking beautiful, your content is on point and your products are ready to go… And so the waiting game for that elusive first sale begins.
Your first sale is going to be momentous, and by definition tricky to obtain, but there are several things you can do to get the ball rolling.
Few things in business are as satisfying than that first sale popping up in your inbox. Read on to find out how to achieve it.
Making your first online sale comes down to one thing: visibility; you need to get your site noticed.
The more exposure your site gets, the more potential buyers you’ll attract. Here are some easy and quick ways to maximise your site’s visibility - and profitability!

Get Social 

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Social media is a powerful tool for spreading your net and attracting customers. Think of it as the modern day equivalent of a coffee shop - the place where you meet your friends to catch up on all the latest gossip. 

It’s a forum for quick and easy information sharing. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Create a Facebook Brand Page and update it regularly with information about your products and brand values
  • Use Twitter to share snappy announcements, interesting tidbits and engage with trending hashtags.
  • Get involved with Instagram. Using great images is by far the best way to engage customers quickly. Showcase your products and connect with similar users to spread your net wider.

Go the Extra Mile with Content

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Go above and beyond for your customers by enriching your site with extra content. Give your customers that little bit extra to establish yourself as a resource, as well as a business:

  • Start a blog sharing relevant tips and advice around your product.
  • Run a competition or giveaway to showcase your products
  • Post interesting facts and tidbits relating to your product on social media and forums. Eg, if you’re selling cakes, you could offer baking tips; if your products are gifts, perhaps suggest a great place to find giftwrap.

Sharing your expertise increases your credibility as a seller and improves your relationship with customers which will set you in good stead for your first sale.

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Get Recommended

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Whether it’s through family and friends or a collaboration with a professional blogger, finding reliable, inspirational people to recommend your new business is a great way to get noticed and build customer trust.
Your personal friend list can be an untapped goldmine - each person has the potential to expose your business to a wider audience and get those sales rolling in - the worst thing that can happen is you’ll get a no, so put yourself out there
Determine who your audience’s influencers are and put yourself out there! Check out our tips on collaborating with bloggers for more info on getting yourself recommended.

Organise a PR Stunt

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Never underestimate the importance of PR for your business. Bill Gates himself said: ‘If I only had two dollars left, I’d spend one dollar on PR’. If done properly, PR is one of the most effective ways to gain publicity for your site and pique customer interest.
You don’t need to spend a fortune or be a marketing genius to do a small PR stunt for your business - and it can be fun!
The power of the internet has changed marketing forever, meaning small businesses can now compete with bigger corporations.
Of course, your first business won’t be able to fund a man parachuting through the atmosphere like Red Bull, but  timely and well-executed PR stunt doesn’t have to be big.
Get inspired! Take a look at this brilliant post on successful PR stunts by small businesses. 
Starting your own business is an amazing achievement, and it’s natural for your sales to take a while to pick up. Give it your all, follow our tips and you’ll soon see traffic pick up - sales will follow.
Do you have any stories about your first online sales? Comment below  to share your experience.

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