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So you’ve set up your beautiful website, everything’s working as it should be… But where are your customers?

It’s a bit of a vicious cycle. You need traffic to generate sales but you can’t risk a massive traffic campaign if you can’t be sure you’ll make money. So the aim is to get cheap traffic fast, with a maximum conversion rate for minimum effort - we’re here to help!

The main thing to keep in mind when generating more traffic to your site is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). For those of you who are new to the idea  of SEO, read on and see how understanding the basics can really improve traffic to your website

What is SEO?

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Improving the SEO of your site means increasing its visibility in the list of search engine results. If your site is more easy to discover via search engines, it will go higher up on the list of search results and as a result get more traffic - it’s that simple!

Improving your SEO is pretty complex, but there are a few things we all agree are a must. The first thing we recommend is having a go at Google Analytics which, if you master the basics, can really help you get a grips on measuring and increasing your site’s SEO success.

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Importance of Google Analytics

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One thing to keep in mind is you must optimize what is discoverable for your customers as well as for the smart robot that analyses your site. It’s the users who will buy from you in the end, but you need to jump through SEO hoops to get the users in the first place.

This is where Google Analytics comes in. It’s easy to set up (within your Google account alongside everything else like Gmail and YouTube) and - best of all - it’s free! Once you’ve installed your tracking code (click here for help on finding and installing your tracking code), you’re on your way to improving your site. With GA you can begin to collect basic data like:

  • How many people are visiting your website
  • Where they live
  • Which websites are sending traffic your way
  • Which pages on your site are getting the most attention… and loads more.

This information is valuable when working out how best to make tweaks to your site to get more traffic.

Click on ‘Acquisition Report’ to view all the info you need. Here, you can find out details about your visitors - perhaps most of your traffic is coming from Twitter, or the majority of your visitors are using Firefox, which some pages on your site are not completely compatible with. This knowledge is power! All this juicy data means you can cut your losses and focus your energy toward the most successful angle for your site.

It’s important to set yourself ambitious goals in life - and your online business is no different! You can find how to set goals under the ‘View’ tab in GA. Goals help you measure the rate of conversion from traffic through to sale. Have a look at Google’s easy-to-follow steps to creating and managing the goals for your website for more info.

Keyword Tracking

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These are the words that your potential customers are searching for. Choosing the most relevant keywords to scatter throughout your site is a great way to improve your SEO. Instead of hazarding a guess at what your customers are searching for, jump ahead of the game with Google Analytics. Follow the steps from this helpful article on using GA to find great keywords for your site.

Make it mobile-friendly

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We cannot stress this enough: to really stand a chance at increasing your site’s SEO, you need to make sure it’s responsive for searches performed on a mobile. At Create, we’ve done it for you - all our templates are fully responsive on mobile so your visitors can browse on the go!

Get your business the SEO and Google Analytics may seem daunting but understanding the basics can really raise the bar for your website. You don’t need to be an expert, but put our tips into practice and you could well be on your way to boosting your traffic and sales!

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