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Posted By Rebecca Kimber

Although starting your Facebook business page (that's us over on the right!) is completely free, it can take time and effort to build the kind of following that makes a big difference to your business. Bear this in mind when you set up your page, and try to make a great first impression by researching what makes a great cover photo and reading up on how you can approach using social media for ecommerce.

In order to make your Facebook page, first you'll need to have your own personal Facebook profile to connect it to.

Once you're happy with your Facebook profile, go to Facebook's 'Create a Page' and complete the details Facebook needs to set the page up for you. Once this is done you can personalise it with your company logo and details.

Now you're ready to go! Obviously, as with any marketing initiative, the aim is to gain lots of lovely exposure for your business or project and the best way to do this is to get other Facebook users interested in your page. They'll show you they're interested by 'Liking' or 'Following' your page.

Likes and Follows

A 'Like' means that your posts can show up in their Facebook feeds and your page will be added to the 'Likes' on their profile. It's possible that their friends will also see your Facebook posts in their feeds, too. A 'Like' is the result of someone being happy to support and endorse your company.

A 'Follow' means that almost every post will show up in your followers' feeds, but that your page won't appear in the 'Likes' on their Facebook profile page. A 'Follow' is the result in someone being interested enough in what you do to want to hear what you have to say.

As followers and likers will see posts you make to your Facebook Business Page appearing on their Facebook Profile News Feeds it's important to post information which you think will be of interest to them. It's hard to know where to start sometimes so below are some ideas of things you could talk about.

Facebook Post Ideas

  • Offer special discounts or flash sales, particularly ones you provide exclusively to your Facebook fans, as these are are a real incentive for people to follow your page and 'Share' your posts with their followers.
  • Share details of products 'just in'. Include some pictures and text and a link to the product on your website. You can also add relevant hashtags like #jewellery or #competition to allow more people to find your post.
  • Post information about an event you're going to be attending (you could invite your followers along) and show your attendance by clicking 'Going' on the event's Facebook page, if it has one.
  • Share news articles or resources from other websites which you think would be interesting to your followers.
  • Post photos of you at recent events and behind the scenes of your business to help your followers know the real you.

Spread The Word

Now that you've started writing some interesting news on your Facebook Business Page you'll want to find some people to come and read it. The best way to do this initially (other than sending a message to all your Facebook friends asking them to come and follow you) is to tell visitors to your website about your Facebook page by displaying a clear Facebook logo as a link on your website home page.

To display a Facebook box (a bit like the one you see for Create at the top of this post) visit Facebook Badges and select the Page Badges option. Facebook will provide you with some HTML code which you can easily add to your website. I personally recommend adding it in your footer area or as a side column feature so it will appear on every page of your website and remind people to 'Like' or 'Follow' you.

Have any tips of your own or stories you'd like to share about using Facebook for your business? Let us know in the comments below!