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Mode Template at Create

Setting up your website for your new business? Or maybe you are looking to freshen up your current site and branding! Either way you'll want the best template to suit your needs. There can be many choices and decisions to make when it comes to choosing your template, so how do you know which is the right one for you? Read our expert tips on how to find the perfect layout for your brand's style and make picking the right template a little easier.

Let's start at the beginning and think about your brand as a whole, consider these 3 points before you make your decision.

1. Know your industry

Picking a template can be quick and simple by simply selecting a relevant industry theme to your business, as some of the design choices have already been made for you. This may be the perfect fit, and you may just need to edit in your own colour choice, logo and font to put your brands stamp on it! At Create this can be completed in a few quick steps in the Design Studio.

Alternatively, you may want to look at this in more depth, perhaps looking less at the pre-added content and more at the colour and feel as a whole. For example, is your brand spring or summer themed, with bright fresh tones, or does your business have a warm or dark tone - representing a more autumn or winter feel? Is your brand clean and sharp or fun and colourful? These are the questions you will want to ask yourself. Knowing the tone and message of your brand will really help when selecting the right template for your business.

2. Sketch out your layout

Sketch out your layout

Create a moodboard like the one above, or sketch some ideas of how you want your website to look. Researching competitors and similar brands can help to see what styles would or wouldn’t work for you. Check out our blog on the anatomy of design for some advice on how to do this. This will help you to decide what layout will suit your needs, or if you are looking to update your current layout this could inspire the right choice!

3. Choose your features

Choose your features

At Create each template is customisable, however some templates have enhanced areas and features within the layout. You will want to ensure you are picking the one that has the full potential, so you get the best out of your website’s design and you may want to stay clear of some that do not suit your business needs. Firstly, why not check out Create's responsive demo sites for inspiration.  

Looking at a few example sites you'll see some of the key features and decide which are right for you. For instance, with 'Mode' you'll note this template has a clean, sharp, fashion feel (not only for those fashion brands though!), best with a small logo or short business name. This has also been designed to have a small menu choice for that simple design throughout. This template features bigger Category images, and enhanced shop features.

If you have a lovely large detailed logo, Mode is most likely not the one for you, take a look at 'Wollen' with it's generous logo area. Is your brand fun and colourful - you may want to add a wallpaper background or colour, try out 'Boutique' or 'Eden'. Want your content to do most of the talking? Then check out 'Feather' or 'Blush' for a clean, simple design.

Try It Now

Not yet started your website - sign up for a FREE trial now! Experiment with your design ideas, customise the templates to suit your brand and of course get in touch if you have any questions. If your website is already live and established online, you can still try out the new templates in the Design Studio! Preview what this could look like, and when you're happy simply publish the changes live.

Do you love your template? Let us know how you picked yours, we'd love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

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3 Tips For Picking The Perfect Template


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