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As time goes on, social networking becomes more and more important to the way we do business. Although it's integral to getting new customers and making business connections, it's easy to become intimidated by the sheer volume of social networking sites and new 'killer apps'. It seems like every day another web startup professes to have launched a new 'Facebook-beater'.

But instead of poring through the piles of apps, sites and networks out there, pour yourself a cuppa and use our guide below to find the ones that are right for you and your online business!

Social Networking

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your heavyweight contenders in the battle of social media! They can be places to build your website profile and share all kinds of social media like videos, pictures, article links and opinions. You can use these sites  to share company and product news, find helpful guidance, build and interact with your customer base, and potentially lose days of your life catching up with old schoolmates.

  • Facebook LogoFacebook caters to and helps to build every business under the sun. Businesses vie for advertising opportunities, event promotion and more on the social networking site. In order to get maximum exposure for your website, I strongly recommend you open and maintain a good Facebook business page. Have you tried opening your own Facebook Shop? You can export your Create shop to Facebook in just a few clicks!
  • Twitter LogoTwitter is the microblogging service that puts celebrities, multinational companies, small businesses and you on equal online footing. Tweeters share links, opinions, videos, and experiences, announce news, make friends, start arguments and solve problems - and that's all in 140 characters or less! Like Facebook, every modern business owner with an online presence should learn to use Twitter to promote their business and build their customer base. Be sure to get people tweeting about your site by adding the Tweet Button to it!
  • Google+ LogoGoogle+ was originally seen as a Facebook-killer, but as time went on users realised it was better as a place to share and discuss content, rather than experiences and opinions like Facebook, so Google+ is centred around content rather than people. This means it's the perfect place to post your blog articles. Having a Google+ account tied to your blog increases your standing as an author in search rankings, too. Let people give your web pages a thumbs up, or a '+1', by adding Create's Google '+1' widget to your site.

Image Sharing

Due to the tiny amount of time they take our brains to process and enjoy, photos and images are perfect for sharing on social networks, and therefore using to promote your business. There are many networks that allow users to upload and share images, and plenty integrate with the big three main social networks above to allow you to share your pics all over the place in an instant!
  • Instagram LogoInstagram is a hugely popular social image sharing network that requires an Android (V2.2+) or Apple smartphone or tablet to run and use. You download the app, take pictures through it, apply filters and share it to the service for your followers to see (along with anyone who visits your Instagram web profile). The filters are a great way to stylise your product photos and keep a consistent photographic style. You can even add a feed of your latest Instagram pics to your website using our Instagram Feed widget!
  • Pinterest LogoPinterest lets you pin images and videos to your own personal online 'pinboard' (basically a wall of pics with comments and descriptions beneath them). If you sell attractive and unique products or are a dab hand at art, graphic design or infographics, then Pinterest is an avenue well worth exploring. Be sure to let your site visitors pin your images and videos to their Pinterest pinboards with ease by adding Create's Pinterest 'Pin It' Button widget to your pages.
  • Flickr LogoFlickr, owned by Yahoo!, is an image sharing site that lets you create sets of photos and images and allow your friends and site visitors to talk about them in the comments. Flickr allows users to restrict the downloading of images, so it's perfect for the professional photographer or designer who wants to showcase their work but avoid their content being stolen or used elsewhere.

Video Sharing

Whether it's an hour and a half documentary about the Spanish Civil War or a six-second looping clip of a dog sneezing, there's a place for your video online, and there are numerous places to post and share it.
  • YouTube LogoYouTube, owned by Google, is the world's largest video clip respository, containing everything from music videos to adverts to cats to home videos to more cats and beyond. However, despite its size, it's the perfect place to post promotional videos for your company. Be it a sneak peek behind the scenes of the business or an announcement of a new product, your clip is bound to find an audience on YouTube. Plus you can embed your YouTube videos onto your website with ease using Create's YouTube widget.
  • Vimeo LogoVimeo, just like YouTube, is a great place to upload videos of any kind, though the quality of video (in terms of content and resolution) is usually far higher and more professional. Pop your videos on Vimeo if you're confident they look the bee's knees.

Professional Networking

These are business-focused websites - no entertainment or gossip here, just the important stuff. They can be great places to get advice, market your business, develop your own management skills and find useful contacts.

  • LinkedInLinkedIn is a popular professional networking site where alumni, business associates, recent graduates and other professionals connect online, discuss business and share ideas and recommendations.
  • Marketing LandMarketing Land is an online forum and networking site for the Internet marketing crowd. Upload articles and guides from your blog to create interest in your own company or connect with other professionals to form new contacts.

Social Bookmarking

These sites are not only great for listing your own website on, but also for finding a wealthy directory of websites from all over the globe, either posted by the business itself or by a website supporter.

  • StumbleUpon LogoStumbleUpon is a tool that finds articles that might interest you at the click of a button. You pick your interests when you sign up and give articles thumbs up and thumbs down to tell the software what you like so it can tailor content to your interests. Posting your blog posts and articles to StumbleUpon increases the chance of users stumbling upon it and sharing it further - a must if your content makes people say "Wow".
  • Reddit LogoReddit is becoming increasingly popular, and although it looks like a no-frills 'old school' website, don't be fooled into thinking it's small-time - it's owned by publishing giant Condé Nast and recently hosted an 'Ask Me Anything' session (or AMA) with President Obama. By all means upload stories and articles on Reddit to drive traffic to your site or blog, but I'd recommend first taking a look through the site to make sure your content is right for it. Reddit users are notoriously web savvy and will smell a shameless plug a mile off.
  • Digg LogoDigg has a huge following online because of its optimum usability. Visitors can submit and browse articles in categories like technology, business, entertainment, sport and more. If your blog or site is topical and instantly shareable, Digg might be a good place to post your content.

Obviously the above is by no means an exhaustive list, and more social networks spring up all the time, so if there's one you think is ace that you'd like us to cover (or if you have any questions about the above websites, apps and networks) let us know in the comments below!

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