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the Create Affiliate Program helps you to earn extra income, meaning your Create website could pay for itself - and more! This blog takes a look at what it means to be an affiliate with real-life case studies, how you can join up and top tips for getting the most out of the program. You don't even need to have a Create website - anyone can join!

Becoming a Create affiliate is a lot easier than you might think. Signing up is quick, you have access to regular reporting, and payments are made to you on a regular basis.  If you want a step-by-step guide to signing up to the program check out this HelpCentre article on the Create Affiliate Program.

What Is An Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone that refers new custom to your business and receives a commission for doing so. In the case of the Create Affiliate Program, an affiliate would refer visitors to the Create website and if the visitor signs up to the Create service the affiliate would receive 10% of all subscription payments for as long as the referred customer subscribes to our service! There is also no limit to the number of referrals you make with our program.

It is common to use a third-party service to manage your affiliates and we use Affiliate Window. You can see our profile and join up to the program here.

If you sign up for an affiliate program you should be recommending a good quality product that would be useful to your followers. It's not about the hard sell but rather it is about facilitating your visitors by helping them to find a service or product that they are already looking for.

How Is The Affiliate Program Working For Others?

The Create Affiliate Program has been running since 2002 and many people have been using the program to generate income. Let's hear from some of the affiliates themselves...


Why Did You Join The Create Affiliate Program?

Helen Lindop"I was looking for products to recommend on when I noticed one website builder was mentioned over and over again by mums with businesses: Create.

Create was a good match for my readers at Business Plus Baby because it was already trusted by many of them. Plus, every new business owner needs a website, but usually they don't have the budget to pay someone to build it for them or the skills to build their own from scratch. I'd tried several different affiliate programmes but Create's was my first success, so I actually learned a lot from it. Even better, it pays commission monthly when most pay just the once!"

Helen Lindop, *.


How Have You Used The Affiliate Program Alongside Your Own Business?

Andrew Pennill"I've been working with Create now for nearly 10 years and have been delighted with the way that it keeps pace with my needs. As a consultant, I have built and instructed on many sites over that time and have found the affiliate scheme an added and very welcome bonus to support my work with Create. 

A number of my clients struggle with getting the 'look' they want on their site, and I help them to achieve this through help with basic design ideas, layout and images."

Andrew Pennill, Andrew Pennill LRPS.


What Has It Meant To You To Earn Money By Being An Affiliate?

Joanne Dewberry

"I love Create so much I sing it from the rooftops! I even wrote about using Create in my book "Crafting a Successful Small Business" as a good basis for crafters and non-computer-literate individuals as it's so user friendly.

For me earning cash from a product I totally adore anyway is a bonus!" 

Joanne Dewberry,


So, I've Signed Up To The Program. How Do I Make The Most Of It?

Through the program you can get access to banners and your own referral link. Customers that you refer must use this link to be registered so you get your commission.

There are a number of simple ways you can use your banner and link. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Display your banner on your website. This could be on the home page for maximum effect or on another relevant page, as Andrew has done with his "Websites" page.
  • Use your link in your newsletter. Many businesses send out a regular newsletter to keep in touch with customers. Featuring the Create service in this newsletter with a link will help you to generate clickthroughs.
  • Post your link via your social media accounts. Being social is great for building your business and for good the SEO of your website. Posting your affiliate link via your social media accounts will help to spread the word.
  • Write a helpful blog and include the link or banner. This doesn't need to be a pushy, hard-sell piece - in fact, you will get a better response and it is a lot more useful to your users if you can write content that is of interest to them and happens to facilitate the link.

Helen Lindop has done this very well on her blog.

"I wrote a handful of posts that answer the questions that people ask me about getting their first website, and suggested in a low key way that Create might be a good choice and included my affiliate link. I've also optimised the posts that so some of them appear on page 1 of Google for the keywords my readers are likely to use when thinking about building their first website." 

Top Tips From Our Affiliates 

I asked our current affiliates for their top tips on the program.

Helen Lindop

"My top tips for anyone getting started with affiliate marketing are to pick products that you know and trust and that are a very good match for your readers. Ideally, find a product that they are just about ready to buy anyway and then they will use your recommendation to make the final decision. For these reasons, affiliate marketing is not really about selling, it's about having a good relationship with your readers and educating them about products that are going to help them."



And what about if you are using the Affiliate Program alongside your consultancy business?

Andrew Pennill"I encourage clients that are not confident in design to stick within the Create colour schemes and to choose one font style throughout with no more than a couple of sizes. Also use tables to lay out the pages neatly so that everything is aligned and make blank space work to show off the site content.

As a photographer, one of my number one tips for Create users is to get the site images right - poor photographs can make a good site look cheap; and good photographs can transform an average site into a great one!" 

Great, Sign Me Up!


If you're keen to get started you can join the Create Affiliate Program today! If you have any questions check out our HelpCentre article on becoming an affiliate here.

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