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Posted By Tara Rickard


We are all guilty of spending hours flicking through tasty-looking food pins and planning the dream wedding - but, get Pinterest right, and this visual discovery tool will be a huge source of traffic for your business, bringing you closer to your audience.

Read on for our top tips to make sure you are taking full advantage of this platform, and you could increase site visits as well as sales!

Pinterest has now been established in the social media arena for a solid five years. It unquestionably holds its own amongst the array of social platforms, and is not one to be ignored when it comes to promoting your business. 

To ensure you are promoting your business to its full potential, today I’m going to look at 5 top tips which are still very relevant and worth integrating with your current (or soon-to-be) pinning habits.


Design your Pinterest Business profile around your target audience

Spend some time looking at other Pinterest pinboards, especially ones run by others in your industry. Check out the layout of their profile and look at their activity – do they pin often, are they engaging with others?

Get a feeling for what you like the look of and what your potential customers will want to see, you'll then have an easier time building your own boards and understanding what may or may not attract your visitors.

Follow's board Small Business & Website Tips on Pinterest.


Make sure your website is Pinnable

Firstly, verify your website with Pinterest, this will not only add credibility to your profile but also help it appear high in the search results. Use our Help Guide on "How to verify your site with Pinterest".

Add the official ‘Pin It’ button to your site – you can add our widget right away, here. Pinners can then pin your items right onto Pinterest from your website - again, upping your chances of climbing higher in their feed.

Lastly, use ‘Rich Pins’ to pull extra information about the item onto the pin, which for a product can include more textual content, pricing and availability - you can do this with your Create site by validating your site's rich meta data.

Create Pinnable content

You might have a fantastic product you want people to share, but unless it's photographed well and has all the elements of a great pin, it will easily get lost amongst the depths of never-ending images.

A couple of tips to remember; images with a vertical aspect ratio look best, as Pinterest organises pins vertically, and always try to think about whether the pin could be useful or inspirational. So many people go to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration – I for one, have come across that ‘must-have’ item and followed the link all the way through to purchase!


Optimise your Pins. Pinterest says the perfect pin should be “Helpful, Beautiful and Actionable”

So we know the quality of the image is very important – aside from being beautiful, Pinterest recommends an image aspect ratio of ‘2:3 to 1:3.5 and a minimum width of 600px’.

However, the description of the pin is just as important, too. Try to include a description that’s detailed and thoughtful. Although only up to 75-100 characters will appear in the gridview, you can write up to 500. If the information you include is useful and compelling, your pin will go further. If you’re crafty, you could even offer instructions and how-to’s, which will mean you’re adding to the community.

Avoid including too much promotional information, or too many hashtags, as these can have a negative impact on your ranking in their feed.

4 pins from Pinterest about websites using Creates templates on Creates Pinterests boards


Follow, engage and re-pin!

Pinterest, like Facebook and Twitter, is a social network. It’s designed for human interaction so make sure you are working on relationships with your users. Reply to users’ comments, follow your users back and re-pin their pins! You could also think about having a group board. You can invite other users to pin and collaborate on your board, which helps them to feel like a part of your brand and really give a sense of community. You will still be in control as the board moderator and can remove anything inappropriate.

Look after your community as they are the ones who share your content and help you reach more people. With your Create site, don’t forget to link up your Pinterest profile in the Footer of your site, and include the Pinterest ‘Follow’ button.

If you don’t already use Pinterest, you can find out more about it and sign up for a business account here.



Remember Pinterest, like other social platforms, is smart. The content populated at the top of a feed is not just the most recent, but based on many elements, such as the performance of the pin, the quality of its source and how useful it is to the community and potential pinners.

If anyone else has any tips they've found to be a success, please do share!

As always, your Account Manager is on hand if you have any questions. Happy pinning.


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