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LinkedIn has 380 million users all over the world and is a great place to boost awareness of your business and website. Follow our fantastic tips on how to generate sales using LinkedIn.


Know Your Customer

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Before you start your LinkedIn marketing campaign, you need to know your target audience. Look at what you know about your existing customers and use this as a starting point. On top of that you need to consider the type of person who uses LinkedIn. The most important part to remember is that as it’s a platform for people to improve themselves professionally, the way you’d engage with them should be different to other social channels. You can still engage with potential customers emotionally (i.e. as you would on Facebook), but remember to position your marketing appropriately. 


Build Your Profile

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LinkedIn makes it easy to include all the information a potential customer might want to see about your business: an overview of your products and services, statistics and figures you might want to include, relevant videos and links to other marketing channels.

TIP: You want to include high quality images; you can easily find lots of great stock images if you need them. It’s a good idea to really spend some time ensuring your profile is well-written and visually appealing: LinkedIn is all about quality, not quantity.

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Tell Your Story

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Write a concise but compelling summary of what your company does in the ‘About Us’ section. LinkedIn is a professional platform but don’t be afraid to get personal when it comes to this bit. Keep it formal enough to sound credible, but human enough to seem relatable. Really make the most of this chance to tell everyone how great your company is and how you differ from your competitors. Consider including:

    What kind of company you are - private, public, family-owned?
  • Who’s in charge?
  • How long have you been around for?
  • Where are you based?
  • What are your core values / what makes you special?


Turn Customers into Followers

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Make it easy for your current customers to connect to your LinkedIn by embedding a button on your website [LINK]. Those who have already bought from you can stay connected which will provide you with information about your ideal follower: someone who will happily buy from you.


LinkedIn Groups

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LinkedIn Groups are a great place to learn new things from similar-minded people, as well as gather new potential customers. Join groups to get inspired by key thought leaders and others in your field - there’s a whole wealth of knowledge out there which could take your business to the next level. You can also create your own groups to start your own discussion and spread awareness of your brand; remember, you’re an expert at what you do - don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, experience and expertise.

TIP: Ask people in your niche to recommend you by adding a 'recommend' widget.


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Like any social media campaign, it’ll take time to build your presence on LinkedIn. Be consistent and keep your profile looking fresh and relevant and your audience will grow. A great LinkedIn account will give your business that professional edge which could really boost your selling to the next level.

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