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Posted By Rebecca Kimber

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Instagram is a free smartphone and tablet app (available on the App Store and the Google Play* store) which allows you to take photos with beautiful filters and retro styles and share them online.

Like Twitter and Facebook, people can subscribe to follow your content on Instagram. Your followers will see your new photos as you share them. They can 'like' them and comment on them and you can engage in any conversations that spring up, just as you would do on Twitter or Facebook. It's a great relationship builder and a great way to grow your customer base!

It's quick and easy to sign up to Instagram, but if you're using it for business here's ten things to consider when starting your Instagram profile:


What’s In a Username?

Choose a username which represents your business. It's how people will find you and it should fit with your brand identity. If you're commenting on other people's photos, this is what they'll see beside your comments, so it's an opportunity to build brand recognition. It’s also an important part of what will be your online Instagram profile (e.g. Consider matching your username with your other social media usernames too. Username consistency means that if someone can find one, they can find them all!


Show Yourself

Upload a great profile picture. If you are an individual in business and people buy from you, consider using a photo of yourself, perhaps with your logo across the bottom. If you’re selling online, consider taking a photo of a particularly attractive product that well represents your stock, or perhaps create a version of your logo that is legible at a small size. Don't forget to check what profile pictures you are using on your other social media profiles. Again, continuity is key when spreading the word about your brand! It's best to keep your profile images and usernames the same (or as near as they can be) so that people can start to recognise your brand with ease across the web.


Describe What You or Your Business is About

Write a succinct description about the business and what it does, but add a personal touch to the description if possible. Instagram is still primarily used by individuals, so coming across as a real human being rather than a faceless corporation is important. Include something about what you might add to your potential followers’ Instagram streams, too. For example, if you sell designer shoes, you could add ‘Posting gorgeous designer shoes for him or her’ at the end of your description. After all, this is your opportunity to get people to follow you, and they'll want to know why they should.


Don’t Be The Missing Link

Include a simple link to your website in the description. Although users cannot click the link, if you’ve got their attention they’ll be happy to type it into a browser address bar. In light of this, consider removing the ‘http://www.’ From the beginning of the address. It makes your description less cluttered and provides the follower with all they need to know to get to your site.


Keep Your Content Open

Be sure not to set your account to ‘private’ if you’re using Instagram to promote a business. People need to be able to see your photos so they’ll follow you and comment on your pics.

Create on Instagram


Make The Journey Easy 

Getting people to your website is your ultimate goal so get your followers engaged by asking questions and adding hashtags to your photo descriptions. This will get your photos to a wider audience and start conversations, which should help to get customers over to your website. There they’ll find that fantastic new stock you posted on Instagram, available for purchase!


Get Connected

Be sure to set up integration with other social media platforms you have a presence on, such as Facebook and Twitter, to make it easy to gain a mass audience for your photos.


Spread The Word

Use your other social media channels to announce the creation of your Instagram profile, and include a link to the web version ( Your followers and customers will be able to start following and recommending your photos immediately.


Don't Be Camera Shy

Don’t worry if you accidentally share a photo you’re not keen on, or later decide you want to remove it. You can delete photos from Instagram whenever you like.


Your Create Website Loves Instagram

Once you’ve set up your Instagram account and have taken a few pictures that you’re proud of, share them on your website with a stylish gallery or slideshow using Create’s Instagram Feed widget.

For some more inspiration, check out how these big brands are using Instagram to build their following and engage with customers: Nike / Starbucks / Irregular Choice / Asos / Innocent / Selfridges

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If you ever have any questions about promoting your business, using Instagram or installing Create's Instagram Feed Widget, get in touch with your Customer Account Manager. Come give the Create Instagram a follow and we can check out your wonderful pics and give you a follow back :)


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Instagram does not endorse or take any responsibility for Create's Instagram Widget. The Instagram Feed widget is available on all current Create packages.

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