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Over the past few months Google have been making various changes to their 'Product Search' facility.

As a result of this update, users are now required to provide certain Unique Product Identifiers (UPI) to list their products. These UPI include Brand, MPN, ISBN and EAN details. 


Now if you sell custom products, clothing or bespoke items then it is likely that you do not have these UPI and you may feel that Google are dismissing a large sector of the online business community.
Do not worry though!!
You can apply to Google for exemption from these requirements on the grounds that these UPI do not apply to your products.
To request an exemption, you will first need to ensure that you do not add any details into the 'Product Identifier' section when you are creating your products with your Create shop. Next, upload your Product Feed as normal to the Google Merchant Center.
Finally, use the following link to be taken to the Google Exemption Request Form
Fill out all of the required information and submit this form. Google will check the information you have submitted against your Product Feed and contact you to let you know that your products have now been made exempt.

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