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Free Valentine's Day banners

Add a touch of sparkle and show some love this Valentine's Day - brighten up your site with these specially-designed Valentine's Day banners.

Whatever the season, showing your site is regularly updated builds trust in your business. Expressing a romantic side, particularly if you sell gifts, may encourage visitors and sales. So, for business or pleasure, take a moment to add a little sweetness and light to your site, say "Je t'aime" and brighten someone’s day.

Our designer, has created some great banners for you to add to your home page. Click the buttons next to the banner previews to open up a new tab with the full-size banner in it. Then just save the banner to your desktop and upload it to your Create website.

Valentine's Day Wallpapers Preview

Free Valentine's Day Wallpapers

Or, if you fancy something a little more subtle, try these Valentine's Day wallpapers with your site. Remember you can change their colour at any time by changing your colour scheme.

  • Hearts Dark
  • Hearts Light 
  • Love Heart
  • Love Heart Dark
  • Roses Dark
  • Roses Light

You'll be able to find these wallpapers and try them out by going to your Create Design Studio and looking in the 'Patterns' section of the 'Wallpapers' menu.

For more help with wallpapers, see our guide to the Design Studio at the Create HelpCentre.

If you need a hand finding or using any of these exclusive new graphics, don't hesitate to contact your Customer Account Manager. We're always here for you.

From Create, with love  x


The elements contained in this collection are free for personal and commercial use on a Create website. Please link to this blog post if you want to spread the word or give it a tweet or share it on Facebook! You can modify the images to your liking but please DO NOT redistribute them elsewhere without written permission from Create.

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